Sirf Tum 13th September 2022 Written Update: Suhani requests Ranveer to operate Ram Singh

Sirf Tum 13th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya telling Suhani that Ram Singh’s vitals are normal and soon he will start responding too. Suhani says they will start the operation as soon as possible. They call for the surgeon Dr Prashant. Nurse informs them that Dr Prashant is not available now and Aditya says this surgery is critical and they don’t have that experience or expertise to operate Ram Singh. What they would do now? Suhani says but they have to save the witness at any cost. She says only Ranveer can operate him as he started Ram Singh’s treatment first.

Aditya says this is not Ranveer’s hospital so she might not come. Suhani says but they have no choice except asking for his help. Aditya says Suhani didn’t want to see Ranveer’s face but now she forgot everything. Suhani says she will keep aside her ego to save the witness. She calls Ranveer and the latter answers the call. She says she needs him and he says he knew she will agree to talk to him. She replies she needs him in the hospital right now for Ram Singh’s surgery. She can’t call another surgeon at this moment as it’s an emergency.

Ranveer says he is coming and tells her to arrange everything for the surgery. Mamta calls Vikrant and tells him to come back. Vikrant says he is sad that he couldn’t be there to support them but she and Ranveer handled the situation very well. He says the bank accounts are not sealed anymore so he will book the tickets and will come back. Ranveer tells Mamta that he is going to help Suhani by operating a patient. Mamta gets happy and Dadu says they can see the change in Ranveer. Mamta says hopefully Ranveer and Suhani will get close to each other through treating patients.

Aditya tells Suhani that calling Ranveer is risky as the police is already after him and Suhani so if anything goes wrong they will get blamed as Ram Singh is admitted in their hospital. Ranveer’s one mistake will bring trouble for them. Suhani says but Ranveer operates Ram Singh successfully then people will get the proof that he always wanted to save him. They should let Ranveer do the surgery. Ranveer comes and Suhani shows him the reports of Ram Singh.

Aditya says there’s chances of recovery in him and Ranveer should not try to operate the blood clots and his procedure is also wrong, Ram Singh might die and organ failure can happen too. Ranveer says Aditya gave him blood thinner but the clots didn’t disappear yet so every process has its own risk. He knows his job and he has better experience than Aditya. So he would not put Ram in risk. Aditya cautions Suhani to think twice as they might end up in jail because of Ranveer. Ranveer says he is happy to leave.

Suhani takes Aditya aside and says she can understand he is worried but Ranveer is an experienced surgeon and they called him here so they should trust him. Though there’s risk but it’s not impossible too. Aditya says he is only worried for her career nothing else. Suhani allows Ranveer to start the operation and he says she will assist him and Aditya will wait outside. Aditya gets disheartened recalling his happy moments with Suhani. He hopes that the surgery should be successful for Suhani’s sake else he won’t spare Ranveer if Suhani gets into trouble because of him again. Rakesh calls Suhani but she doesn’t pick up. He calls Aditya and asks him about her.

Aditya says she is in the OT so she will call later. Suhani offers him coffee and apologises to him for not listening to him. He says he only got worried for her future. He asks about Ram’s health. Suhani says Ranveer shifted him to ICU and he believes Ram will be fully recovered. Aditya tells her that he didn’t tell her family about Ranveer’s presence in the hospital. They learn that Ram Singh has gained consciousness. Suhani and Aditya feel relieved. One cop overhears that.

Ranveer tells Ram that he will get better soon. Ram says he will kill me. Ranveer asks who will kill him? The cop enters the ICU and Ranveer tells him to get out as the patient is getting scared. The cop says now they can take Ram under custody as he is stable now. Ranveer says Ram is not completely okay but his pulse is fluctuating. The cop tells him that he is following the Chief’s order and Ranveer should not stop him from doing his job. Suhani calls someone and tells the cop to talk to his chief in the reception. She sends Aditya with him and tells Ram that he is safe here.

Episode ends

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