Sirf Tum 14th July 2022 Written Update: Asha leaves Oberoi Mansion

Sirf Tum 14th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranveer shouting that he will not stop Suhani from leaving. Suhani comes downstairs and hugs Samaira and Mamta. Mamta tells her not to leave. Suhani says she never wanted to leave Oberoi Mansion not because she feels comfortable staying here but because she is attached to all the family members here. Because of Ranveer she has to get separated from them. Mamta tells Ranveer to stop her but he says she will be back after recalling her duties. Suhani says he doesn’t need to remind her of that but she is never going to show her face to him that she can ensure him. She never hated anyone in life but he taught her that as well. She hates Ranveer now. Ranveer says he also hates her and tells her to leave.

Their flashbacks are shown and Suhani is about to leave but Samaira stops her saying they cant stay without her. Ranveer is not in his senses so he behaved rudely with her. Dadu says Samaira should not stop Suhani as she has self respect. What Ranveer did today, he needs to apologise for that to Suhani. He should bring her back home with respect. Suhani leaves and Ranveer talks to his alter ego in intoxicated state.

Ranveer says he left Suhani for her behaviour. She insulted him in front of everyone by slapping. His alter ego says she hurt his ego and he also misbehaved with her today. He is in pain for losing Suhani that he should accept. Ranveer says he hates her now and he will punish her for her deed. He will cause her pain but his alter ego says it will give him pain too. Ranveer says no.

Dadu tells Mamta that Suhani won’t return back that easily, Ranveer needs to feel guilty. Asha comes and apologises to Mamta for her wrong deeds. Asha says because of her pride she lost her son today and now she wants to leave Oberoi Mansion to stay in an Ashram in order to pray for Ansh’s soul. Vikrant also agreed for that. Mamta hugs Asha and says she is sorry too for hurting Asha. Asha leaves.

Suhani sees the hospital bill and tells Nikita that she paid today’s bill but now that Rakesh is under observation she can take care of him at home as well. She talks to the doctor for that so that Rakesh gets discharged and she will be there to observe him as she is also a medical student. Doctor accepts her request. Suhani gets Samaira’s call and learns Asha left the house. Samaira tells her to come back as she can’t take care of everyone like Suhani. Suhani says she can’t come after what has happened. She tells Samaira not to worry.

Suhani gets sad and recalls Ranveer’s act and Rakesh’s accident. She says Ranveer’s anger destroyed everything and she will never forgive him for that. Ranveer says he will make sure that Suhani apologises to him for not taking his side. He will make her return back to him very soon. Suhani tells the medical staff to start the procedure of Rakesh’s discharge but the latter says the discharge request has been cancelled.

Suhani says but she talked to the doctor already. Sudha tells her that Rakesh should stay in the hospital, they can’t take risk thinking about financial reasons. Suhani says she is a doctor and she knows when Rakesh needs to be treated. He is just under observation. She asks the doctor again why he rejected the discharge request. He replies some new fresher doctors have joined today in this hospital and one of them has rejected her request not he. Suhani gets shocked to know that the fresher doctor is Ranveer who declined her request.

Episode ends

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