Sirf Tum 14th September 2022 Written Update: Ranveer plans to apologise to Suhani

Sirf Tum 14th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani sending Aditya with the cop. Aditya misguides the cop and shows him wrong direction to reach the reception area. Ranveer questions Ram cops will protect him then why is he scared of them? Suhani says Ranveer took a lot of risk to save him and he even went to jail for him then Ram should not hide the truth from them. He can trust Ranveer. Vasant comes there with his team and sees the cop. He scolds him for leaving Ram in the ICU without arresting him. He is talking to him on call then why would he call him in the reception? There Ram reveals to Suhani and Ranveer that Vasant planned to kill him by a fake encounter when he gave him the information about his friend’s involvement in Anti-India activities. Ram says he is not involved in any Anti-India activities. Vasant is a part of terrorist group. Ranveer tells Suhani to call the SSP so that Ram can give direct statement against Vasant to him.

Vasant comes and tells Suhani to open the door immediately. He tells his men to break the door. Aditya tells him not to break the decorum but he holds him at gunpoint. Suhani calls the SSP and Ram tells him the truth about Vasant. Suhani says they are locked inside the ICU. SSP sends police for their protection. Vasant says Suhani is again supporting the wrong person and this time her hospital will be sealed.

Suhani replies her sole motive is to treat her patient but she learned he is a traitor. Ranveer says Vasant cant do anything to him and he is not afraid. Vasant sneaks in the ICU and says noone can arrest him, but he will kill Ranveer and Suhani both. The policemen arrive and Vasant gets arrested finally. SSP thanks both Ranveer and Suhani for their help in catching such criminal. Ranveer says it’s their duty to save innocent lives and they are happy to do so.

Suhani and Ranveer share an eye lock and Aditya asks her if she is fine. Later Suhani and Ranveer give interview in the news channel that they fulfilled their duty being responsible doctors. They feel proud to do something good for their nation. Ranveer says but media judged him before the court and called him a traitor which was not right. Reporter says whole country is thankful towards them. Afterwards Ranveer wants to talk to Suhani but she again ignores him and Aditya tells him to stay away from her.

Sudha tells Rakesh why Suhani wants to go in front of Ranveer when everything is over between them. Rakesh says she should think from Suhani’s perspective too as the latter has to face Ranveer again and again just for her patient’s treatment. It must be tough for her. Dadi says Ranveer is there for the surgery only and if Ram Singh gets better then Suhani won’t feel guilty.

Ranveer reaches home and Mamta asks him if he talked to Suhani. He says he wants to thank her but she doesn’t want to see his face. Vikram says if he just wants to thank her then he can drop a simple text or can send a gift to her with a thank you note. But it will be too formal, isn’t it? Mamta tells Ranveer to accept that he still loves Suhani and Dadu tells him to apologise to her.

Ranveer accepts his love for Suhani is still the same and he never moved on. His anger and ego hurt her so much and she doesn’t want to talk to him now. Dadu says he also said he won’t see her face but now he should put efforts to get her forgiveness. Vikram suggests Ranveer to invite Suhani for his hospital’s opening function.

Mamta says it’s a great opportunity so he should call her. She will attend for sure. Ranveer calls Suhani but she doesn’t pick. He sends a text that he wants her to attend the opening ceremony of his hospital. If she ever loved him for once the she should give him one last chance to talk. Then if she wants to get separated then he won’t stop her.

Suhani is in tough spot and Dadi comes. She shows Ranveer’s text to Dadi and says she doesn’t know whether to attend the ceremony for humanity or not. Ranveer helped her a lot as well. But he might think she wants to accept him again. Dadi says Suhani should ask her heart what she wants, that will solve everything.

Episode ends

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