Sirf Tum 15th September 2022 Written Update: Ranveer’s heartfelt apology to Suhani

Sirf Tum 15th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranveer feeling that Suhani will attend the inauguration ceremony for sure. Dadu tells him to hurry up and he should sort out all his issues with Suhani today and will apologise to her as well. Sudha calls her family for breakfast, Suhani says she will go to attend Mamta Hospital’s inauguration ceremony. She will go there as a doctor only. Rakesh asks her to think again.


Sudha says why Suhani is repeating the same mistake and going to meet Ranveer again. Dadi says if Suhani feels that’s right for her then noone will stop her. She allows Suhani to go. Ranveer waits for Suhani in the hospital and the latter congratulates him after coming. Dadu and Mamta insist Ranveer to talk to Suhani without wasting anymore time. Mamta says he has to bring back her daughter in law.

Ranveer meets Suhani and sits beside her on a bench. He says he knows she will not forgive him easily for the things he has done to her. He looked down upon her and he admits he destroyed his life and hers too. He takes all the responsibilities of his wrong deeds. He says he was wrong and he is sorry for that. He confesses that he loved her and will always love her. He pleads her to come back to him. Suhani forgives him but she adds she can’t go back to him as they both moved on individually long back. They can’t get united like before again. She leaves and he gets disheartened. Dadu and Mamta come to Ranveer.

Mamta says it’s difficult to understand someone’s mind and thoughts. She tells Ranveer not to give up but they will again talk to Suhani. Dadu tells him to control his anger and she will return for sure. Mamta says she is scared of Ranveer’s silence. It would be better if he vents out his anger. Dadu tells her not to worry as he might be disturbed and wants to stay alone.

Suhani recalls Ranveer’s apology and cant fall asleep. Dadi asks her what happened? Why Ranveer wanted to meet her? Suhani says she is shocked that Ranveer apologised to her by keeping aside his ego. He even admitted his mistakes. But she doens’t think she can accept him again though she can forgive him. She can’t respect their relationship like before. Dadi says it’s good that she knows what she wants. She should not think much. Suhani remains tensed.

Mamta worries for Ranveer and waits for his return. Vikram says after the ceremony Ranveer left and is upset with Suhani’s decision. Raghu and John call Mamta. They inform her that Ranveer is with them and he is safe. Mamta tells them to take care of him. Ranveer is drawing Suhani’s sketch and Raghu tells him that Mamta sounds worried. He should try to forget what Suhani said. Ranveer replies it’s his fault only and he is not at all angry with Suhani. He decides to become the good person exactly how Suhani wanted him to be. He will change himself completely.

Ranveer comes back home and says he is alright. Ranveer calls Raghu and John to bring lots of presents. Everyone is surprised to see that. Ranveer says he will visit Suhani’s house to ask for her hand in marriage. Dadu says but he can’t force his decision on her. Ranveer says he won’t force her but he will request her to give him one chance to make things alright between them. He wants to go there with his family and Vikrant says he will make all the arrangements to welcome his daughter in law. Ranveer smiles.

Episode ends

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