Sirf Tum 16th May 2022 Written Update: Suhani injures Ansh

Sirf Tum 16th May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mamta seeing Suhani mde oats and juice for Dadu and her. Dadu says he doens’t like oats but he likes Paratha. Suhani says he should taste once he will like it and it’s healthy. Dadu tells Mamta that Suhani is the best choice for Ranveer and he won’t get a partner better than her. Mamta prays to Matarani that Ranveer should take the decision wisely. Suhani reaches temple and meets Asha. Asha says she arranged a puja for her and Ansh’s happy married life. Though they got separated but now they are united again. Their marriage didn’t break so after this puja they will get the marital bliss and they won’t get separated. Suhani says she is not interested to participate in the Puja as she only loves Ranveer. Asha gets disheartened and says she has noone in her life except Ansh. She believes Suhani will change him but the latter says Ansh is a mannerless guy and a criminal too. Noone can change him. She doesn’t want to be in this marriage.

Asha shares how Vikrant cheated on her and left her when she was pregnant with his child. She says but Suhani should not leave Ansh like this. Suhani says Asha should have fought for her rights. Later she is about to leave saying she can’t love anyone except Ranveer. Asha says Ranveer is also Vikrant’s son and he might ditch Suhani like Vikrant ditched Asha. Suhani says that will not be repeated with her as she trusts Ranveer and he will never leave her side.

Ansh notices Suhani and asks Asha if she is upset because of Suhani. Ansh says if Ranveer didn’t have the proof against him, he would have separated Suhani and Ranveer forever. Asha says Ranveer didnt have the proof. In flashback, Asha pleads Ranveer to delete the video proof against Ansh as he got back Suhani then what will he do with the proof? Asha says if anyone gets the proof then Ansh will be in trouble. She can’t afford to lose him. She emotionally blackmails Ranveer and he gives the hard copy to her saying he destroyed the proof. Ansh hugs Asha and thanks her. Asha says she wants to see Ansh in Ranveer’s place and she didn’t like how Ranveer forced him to sign the divorce papers. She wants the Oberois to feel her pain now.

Vikrant tells Ranveer to have food else Mamta will refuse to eat too. He should not be upset for Suhani. Ranveer stops the house help from shifting Suhani’s luggage in Ansh’s room. He scolds the house help and then goes to meet Suhani. She says she wants to stay with her husband and Ranveer should not have problem with that. He is noone to interfere. Ranveer leaves and gets restless thinking how can Suhani forget the Kashmir incident and stay with Ansh. He knocks on the door and Suhani opens it. He asks for Ansh and she says Ansh is in bathroom.

Ranveer again knocks after sometime and Suhani says Ansh hasn’t come out of bathroom yet. Ranveer leaves and Ansh closes the door. He pulls Suhani close and she threatens him with a knife. Ansh says she herself wants to share room with him, if she wants the drama to be realistic then she should really get close to Ansh. Suhani warns him and pushes him away. Ansh goes near her and then she breaks a bottle on his head out of fear. Ranveer hears the noise and rushes to Suhani’s room. Suhani gets scared seeing Ansh injured. Ansh falls down.

Episode ends

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