Sirf Tum 16th September 2022 Written Update: Happy ending for Ranveer and Suhani’s love story

Sirf Tum 16th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani bringing food on the table. Rakesh asks her what she is thinking about. Sudha says she will remain stressed until Ranveer leaves her forever. Suhani is still on the same path which caused her pain. Aditya brings jalebis for Dadi and she gets delighted. Aditya tries to cheer Suhani up. Ranveer visits her house with presents and with his family. Rakesh warns Ranveer that he doesn’t want any chaos here. Ranveer says he is here to say sorry to him with folded hands. Ranveer says because of him Rakesh got hurt and he is guilty for that. Rakesh says he can’t believe Ranveer is apologising and the latter replies he realised his fault so he said sorry without any delay.

Ranveer apologises to Sudha as the latter trusted him but he disappointed her, Dadi also considered him hero but he couldn’t become one. He was inspiration for Ishan but the real inspiration is Suhani. Ranveer goes to Suhani and tells her that he doesn’t know how to ask for forgiveness as he hurt her immensely. But he also knows Suhani only loves him and he wants to see that love in her eyes for him again. She should give him one chance.

Suhani says he always breaks his promises so she can’t trust him again. Ranveer says wish he could do something to win her trust. Rakesh tells him to leave Suhani alone. Ranveer says he is not forcing her but it’s upto her what she will decide. He requests Suhani to come back to Oberoi Mansion again. Rakesh is about to raise hand on Ranveer but Dadi stops him. Ranveer says he won’t mind if Rakesh hits him. His anger can be justified.

Ranveer says only she can treat him with her love, he will be fine. Mamta tells Suhani to reconsider her decision as Ranveer loves her truly. Sudha tells Suhani to think before taking any decision. Suhani says she will not go back to him and she won’t change her mind. Ranveer says if it’s her final decision then he will free her. He tells her to sign the divorce papers and after that he will not show his face to her again.

But when she will sign the papers noone will be there except him. Rakesh says Ranveer showed his true colors. Ranveer swears on Mamta that he will not show his face to Suhani again if she signs the divorce papers. Sudha gives pen to Suhani and tells her to sign the papers. Dadi says she always told Suhani to think from heart. Aditya says he also wants to talk to Suhani alone.

Aditya tells Suhani that he can understand her anger, but he feels Ranveer can change himself this time. Aditya reveals how he met Ranveer to warn him so that he stops troubling Suhani. He also confessed he loves her but Ranveer didn’t come to beat him but he explained everything calmly that he is guilty for all his past mistakes and he will keep trying to get her forgiveness his whole life. He also knows Suhani is in love with him thats why she rejected Aditya.

At present, Aditya tells Suhani that Ranveer was confident enough that she loves him so she should accept it too without running away from the truth. She fought with the world for Ranveer and now its time to accept her love for him. She should give him one chance atleast for herself. He advises her being her best friend.

Suhani and Ranveer are sitting together in room with the divorce papers. She writes something over it and doesn’t show it to him. Rakesh checks the papers and gives it to Dadu. Dadu calls Ranveer to sign it. Ranveer gets surprised seeing what Suhani has written. He sees she wrote I love you Ranveer. He smiles and Suhani hugs him. Everyone gets happy seeing them and Rakesh says he supports Suhani’s decision and she hugs him. Ishan says now he can call Ranveer as Jiju officially. Suhani hugs Ranveer again and says they will never part ways as they are made for each other.

Episode ends

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