Sirf Tum 17th November 2021 Written Update: Ranveer and Suhani’s phones get exchanged

Sirf Tum 17th November 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranveer staring at running Suhani. Riya calls her and Ranveer receives the call, she cuts the call thinking the phones got exchanged maybe. Ranveer also realises it ang he meets Riya. Suhani bumps into Sudha and looks nervous. Sudha asks what happened but Suhani tells she will tell her everything on their way. They catch an auto and Rakesh sees them together. Ranbir asks Riya about Suhani and says he needs her number. Riya thinks Suhani got into trouble and she avoids him saying a professor is calling her.

Ranveer’s friends tease him saying he is interested in Suhani. Ranveer says their phones got exchanged so he wants her number nothing else. Suhani stammers to say the matter to Sudha and the latter calls Riya to know what happened. Riya tells her and Sudha develops a wrong impression about Ranveer. She says these if he becomes a doctor he will injure the patients instead of treating them. They reach home and Rakesh also comes back. Rakesh questions Sudha where did they go. Sudha replies they went to bring khoya. Rakesh says he saw them near medical college and he scolds them for going there which is not good for Suhani. Ranveer tells John to call in his number and Suhani picks it up. He tells her that their phones got exchanged and Suhani doesn’t reply. Rakesh turns on the phone speaker and hears Ranveer’s voice. Ranveer asks for Suhani’s address and Rakesh gets angry.

He says he didn’t allow Suhani to meet with random boys. Sudha says they went there to bring form. Suhani also say she wants to become a doctor. Rakesh says he can’t let her go to a coed college to study. She can do online course or can study in girls college. He wants to protect his daughter from the world. Suhani gets upset and goes upstairs. Sudha goes behind her.

Ranbir gets scolded bh the Principal for beating the guy. Ranbir says the guy passed comment on his sister so he lost temper. Principal says he could have informed referee. He says Ranveer needs treatment. He is mentally ill.

Ranveer leaves with attitude. Ansh team mate feels pain due to injury and Ranveer goes to him. He does his dressing and the latter threatens him to destroy him. Ranveer tells him to think before speaking. He prescribes him medicine and leaves. Ansh says sorry to his team mate for involving him in his game. He says he has personal grudge on Ranveer. Sudha gives head massage to Rakesh and tries to convince him to let Suhani study in medical college as its her only dream. She will make him feel proud too.

Ishan and Suhani both talk to Dadi and tell her to convince Rakesh but Dadi says her attempt failed and Rakesh said no to her too. Suhani gets disheartened and Rakesh comes downstairs. He tells her that he will allow her to study there as its her wish. Suhani gets delighted. Mamta calls Ranveer and sends him medicines and milk etc. She says she heard about the fight from his father. Ranveer gets irked and says why his father always sends a spy behind him. Mamta requests him to come home as she is alone. Ranveer replies he hates his father’s presence he will come later.

Episode ends

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