Sirf Tum 18th August 2022 Written Update: Suhani and Ranveer land in trouble

Sirf Tum 18th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with the drinkers attacking Ranveer and he faints. Suhani tells them to leave him but they put Ranveer in the car. Aditya calls Rakesh and informs him that Ranveer was driving the hospital cab and Suhani didnt reach hospital yet. Rakesh asks him to give the driver’s number. Suhani’s family gets worried for her as Ranveer might hurt her. Rakesh calms Sudha that Suhani is strong enough to handle Ranveer alone. The men tie Ranveer up with rope in an abandoned place including Suhani. Ranveer warns them but they leave Ranveer and Suhani alone in that place. Suhani unties herself and tries to help Ranveer but he tells her to stay away. He says why she came out of the car when he told her not to. Now they are in trouble because of her fault.

Suhani says now he will see her hatred. Why does he have so much ego? She goes out for getting help but finds noone. Suhani falls down and shouts Ranveer. He also shouts her name. Aditya tells Rakesh that Suhani is not picking his calls and even Ranveer’s phone is unreachable. Aditya says he is searching for Suhani and he will find her. Sudha calls Ranveer as bad omen who ruined Suhani’s life. She assumes he kidnapped her, Dadi says Suhani and Ranveer are not enemies so they should not be impatient. Rakesh tells Sudha the same. Sudha says they should inform the police.

Suhani gets up and says Ranveer’s egoistic nature is nothing new. She shouldnt have left him alone in that state. Ranveer tries to free himself and says Suhani left him alone and she just fakes everything but she is selfish in real. He loudly says he hates her. Rakesh goes to police station to file missing complaint but the inspector says but they can’t file complaint against a reputed doctor without any proof. Rakesh says it’s about his daughter’s safety, Inspector says they can’t file any complaint until 24 hours is over.

Aditya reaches the location and notices the hospital cab. He thinks maybe Suhani is around. Suhani comes to help Ranveer and the latter taunts her for coming back to him recalling the hatred. He says he knows she hated him always and he hates her too. Suhani asks him to keep his volume low. Everytime he gets into trouble because of his anger, he says she is the reason of all the trouble in his life. She says she came to help him for humanity, nothing else. She gets hurt while removing a pillar from his leg.

Vikrant learns from the police Rakesh filed complaint against Ranveer. Mamta says Ranveer left for duty and Samaira says his phone is unreachable. Where can he go? Dadu says if Ranveer and Suhani are together then they will look after themselves. Suhani shouts at Ranveer when he refuses to take her help. She says there’s noone else who can help him. She tries to remove the pillar and tells Ranveer to take out his leg. She says he must be in pain, Ranveer says he is not disabled and he can handle himself. She doesn’t need to show concern. Aditya looks for Suhani outside.

Episode ends

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