Sirf Tum 18th July 2022 Written Update: Ranveer refuses to visit Suhani’s house to see Rakesh

Sirf Tum 18th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani taking care of Rakesh and she shaves his beard. Ranveer calls Doctor Nigam and asks him if he told Suhani that hospital has arranged that injection for Rakesh? Doctor Nigam says yes he said as per Ranveer’s wish. Suhani asks Rakesh to get better and she says Ishan’s study is going on well and she will also become much more great doctor than Ranveer. Rakesh moves his finger and Suhani gets delighted. She calls the other members to witness Rakesh’s improvement in health.

But whey they arrive Rakesh doesn’t make any movement. Suhani gets upset and tells Rakesh funny things so that he responds. Kamini says Suhani lied to them. Sudha tells Rakesh that she will never stop him from eating sweets but he should just wake up. Dadi gets emotional and Suhani adds that Rakesh is in this situation because of Ranveer and she will also cut ties with soon. Rakesh again moves his finger and finally everyone gets overjoyed seeing that.

Suhani thinks Ranveer’s ego is so important for him that he didn’t even call her once to know about Rakesh’s health. He stopped the discharge to fulfil a doctor’s duty but forgot other duties and the love between them. Mamta comes to wake Ranveer up and sees he is sleeping. She doesn’t disturb him and goes to give juice to Dadu. Samaira tells Dadu to exercise and he says he is tired. Dadu tells Mamta that Ranveer looked tensed yesterday and he even went out with medicine at night. He probably gave it to Suhani for Rakesh. Mamta says Ranveer and Suhani both have egos so they have to do something to unite two lovers. Samaira says they are in this together to sort out Ranveer and Suhani’s issues. Samaira, Mamta and Dadu join hands happily.

Suhani informs Doctor Nigam that Rakesh is responding to the medicine and he is recovering. She thanks him but Doctor says he didn’t do that. He is about to take Ranveer’s name but stops and diverts the topic. Suhani gets doubtful. Mamta goes to Ranveer’s room and sees he went to washroom. She picks Doctor Nigam’s call in his phone and learns that Rakesh is now getting better and he will be fine soon. Mamta says thats a good news and she tells everyone about it.

Dadu tells Ranveer about that and says his medicine is working and Rakesh responded to it. Mamta asks Ranveer to see Rakesh once with them. Ranveer says they can visit Suhani’s house to see Rakesh but he won’t go there as Suhani doesn’t need his help. She didn’t even contact him during the emergency. Her ego got more priority than Rakesh’s health. She went to stores to buy the medicine but didn’t ask him. Mamta says he should forget all of that Dadu says what if Suhani tried to call him but stopped thinking about his extreme anger.

Ranveer says he is not accompanying them and that’s final. Dadu says its their duty to help Suhani’s family in need though there are differences between Ranveer and Suhani. Suhani shows old album photos to Rakesh and reminiscences the memories that how he attended Nikki’s birthday party lately and Nikki got angry. Also that how he got promotion and gifted a camera to Suhani. She says to Sudha coma patients can hear things and it will activate their brain cells. Suhani sees her wedding photo and recalls a surprise Ranveer gave her. In flashback Suhani enters the room and gets surprised seeing the decorations.

Ranveer arrives and she says why he put so much efforts. He replies he can even decorate the room with moon and stars if possible. Suhani says noone loved her so much like this before. He says she belongs to him and he will always love her unconditionally. They will stay happily together. Suhani says hope this is not a dream. The flashback ends and Suhani wipes her tears. There, Ranveer drinks alchohol.

Episode ends

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