Sirf Tum 19th July 2022 Written Update: Ranveer insults Suhani over phone call

Sirf Tum 19th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranveer witnessing a boy is injured and his parents are worrying for him. They ask the local people for help and Ranveer comes forward. He says he is a doctor he can treat the boy. He makes the boy lay on a bench and pours alchohol on his kerchief. The boy’s parents ask him why he is using alcohol? Ranveer says he knows what he is doing. He applies the alcohol on the boy’s wound on his forehead. It stops the bleeding and the boy gets better.

 Ranveer offers him chocolates and the boy’s parents thank him saying doctors are really God. Mamta and Dadu talk to Suhani. Dadu says Suhani is so upset with Ranveer that she didn’t even inform them about Rakesh’s bad health. Suhani asks him how come they know about Rakesh’s health? Dadu says they talked to Dr Nigam.

 Mamta adds a marriage doesn’t happen between two people but its between two families. No matter what happens the bond between the families should not be broken. She says now when Rakesh is recovering Suhani can go back to her in law’s house. She can celebrate the happiness there as well.

Dadu says he wants Ranveer to apologise to Suhani but he also knows how much Ranveer loves her. He shows anger and attitude but he can’t stay without her. Mamta calls Ranveer and tells Suhani to talk to him. Ranveer says he can’t hear Mamta. Dadi says Suhani won’t take the initiative first. Mamta tells Ranveer to speak to Suhani but he says he is not interested to talk to her. He tells Suhani he doesn’t raise hand on women otherwise he could have given her a perfect reply in return of that slap.

He will never forget his insult. He cuts the call. Suhani gets disheartened and tells that she loves her own self respect thus, she will never agree to stay with Ranveer again who doesn’t respect her at all. Therefore she tells Mamta and Dadu not to insist her for going back to the mansion. Mamta returns back two bangles to Suhani which she left in the mansion.

Mamta says she knows how does it feel to get insulted by your husband. She faced it and she will try her best to convince Suhani from now. She will daily meet Suhani until she gets ready to go back. She is a mother and she knows Ranveer loves Suhani a lot so Suhani should come back to him. Dadu also request Suhani and leaves. Suhani cries hugging Sudha.

Vikrant comes home and looks for Mamta. Samaira tells him Dadu and Mamta went to Suhani’s house. Vikrant says he faced humiliation because of Suhani and he suffered loss too but still his family is going after her. Doctor Nigam checks Rakesh and tells Suhani that Rakesh is getting much better day by day. Shifting him at home was a good decision. He needs natural breathing without oxygen mask. Suhani says Rakesh will do that.

Suhani feels happy for Rakesh and hugs him. Ranveer hallucinates and hears Suhani’s voice and wakes up. He says that must be a dream. She laughs loudly saying its not a dream. She tells him not to drink alcohol and he says he will quit it right now. He asks her not to leave him alone but she leaves his hand and he shouts her name.

Suhani reads books for Rakesh and takes care of him properly with her family. Dadu and Mamta also help them doing so. Rakesh does some face movements and Suhani observes that. She asks him to get up and everyone gets happy. Rakesh opens his eyes and Suhani tells him to respond by blinking his eyes. He does so and she sheds happy tears. She hugs him.

Episode ends

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