Sirf Tum 22nd June 2022 Written Update: Mamta kicks Asha out of the Oberoi Mansion

Sirf Tum 22nd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Asha saying she will support Vikrant as she trusts him and trust strengthens a relationship. Mamta replies such words don’t suit an outsider, she says she will show Asha’s real place today. Vermilion is not a joke, a married woman can fill her forehead with this. Not an unmarried person. Its called drama if anyone does that. She holds Asha’s hand and the latter tells Vikrant to stop her.

Vikrant asks Mamta to stop but she prevents him from doin so. She says she favoured Asha by allowing her to stay here but the latter again took advantage of her goodness. This is her house not Asha’s. Mamta then throws Asha out of the house. Ansh saves her from falling.

Mamta shows vermilion box to Asha saying she saw this in the latter’s room but she will never let her fulfil her dream. Mamta throws away the vermilion and it spreads on the floor. Ranveer is about to interfere but Suhani stops him.

Asha says Mamta has too much pride but she will ruin that very soon. Asha adds she will come back to this mansion to get her rights. She leaves with Ansh. Oberois pray to God and Mamta says Suhani should go back to her house and Dadu says they will officially go there to ask for her hand in marriage. Their marriage will happen tomorrow.

Suhani feels shy and Ranveer smiles. Samaira says she accepted her as her bhabhi already. Ranveer says the typical rituals of society won’t let them unite easily. Mamta says John and Raghu will drop Suhani at her home. Suhani asks Ranveer to get ready properly.

Vikram asks Vikrant why he is not doing anything to stop the nonsense. How can he accept Suhani as his daughter in law. Vikrant says this is not the end but he has a bigger plan to stop all this.

Everyone will be in shock after knowing that. Sharma family wait for Oberois’ arrival. Oberois come to their house with shagun. Rakesh greets them and Sudha goes to bring snacks for them. Dadu says they already like Suhani and now they just want to fix the wedding without delay. Rakesh agrees for the wedding without any hesitation.

Suhani comes downstairs and sits on the couch. Mamta performs a ritual with her and makes her wear the chunri. Rakesh says he has developed a fear in his mind after seeing all the tragedies in Suhani’s life. He feels like nothing should go wrong in her life now. They even forgot to sleep due to that tension.

Mamta assures Rakesh that nothing wrong will happen to her now, she will stay happily with her in laws being their daughter. He should not worry and she adds the wedding will take place tomorrow. Asha takes Ansh to an abandoned house. He asks her what is this place and why she took him here.

She looks broken and he says he can understand her pain but whats going in her mind now. Asha goes near a Sandook and opens it. She picks a red leheng and chunri from there. She says everyone calls Ansh as an illegitimate child and she won’t tolerate that anymore. She will make sure he never gets to hear that word again. She recalls Mamta’s taunts that how she called her an outsider.

Ansh gets into thinking. Suhani tells Nikita to complete the mehendi quickly. Nikita asks her why she is in a hurry. Bridal mehendi takes time. Suhani thinks Ranveer won’t wait anymore but he will come to meet her for sure.

Episode ends

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