Sirf Tum 24th June 2022 Written Update: Vikrant accepts Asha and Ansh in front of the society

Sirf Tum 24th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vikrant coming to the venue and Ansh Asha also come there with band baja. Seeing their dance, Ranveer asks Ansh to stop their drama. Illicit people like them have no place to be here. Ansh says he thought Ranveer is clever but he can’t see there are three mandaps and three weddings will take place today. So they are not leaving.

Asha comes face to face with Mamta. She says she told her she will be back to take her rights so here she is. Asha tells Vikrant that this is the same wedding joda he gave her while marrying her. She wore it today.

Mamta and everyone get shocked to hear that. Mamta asks Vikrant did he lie to her then that he never married Asha? Asha says she was quiet every time the world questioned her character but not anymore. She asks Vikrant if he will accept her and her son both.

Mamta shouts at Vikrant asks him what nonsense Asha is talking about. Vikrant replies he will accept Asha and Ansh and will give them his surname in front of everyone. Ranveer is about to interfere but Suhani stops him saying noone should hamper their peace.

Ansh says he wanted his mom to get her rights first, only then he will get married. Today he wants his parents to marry each other so that his identity becomes legal. Vikrant fills vermilion on Asha’s forehead and Mamta gets heartbroken. Vikrant says from now Asha will be called as Asha Vikrant Oberoi. Ansh is his elder son. Ranveer fumes seeing all of that..

Mamta goes to Vikrant and asks him why he is treating her like that when she never left his side in tough times. She was there for him. He says she should have thought about it before supporting Ranveer and she chose her son over her husband thus, he took the revenge by marrying Asha.

Vikrant says Mamta or Ranveer never gave him anything beneficial but Asha and Ansh can offer him more than them. Mamta looks numb and Vikrant dances with Asha and Ansh. Asha says now Ansh can get married. Ranveer ruins the mandap decoration angrily and says no marriage will take place today.

Mamta stops him saying he won’t go anywhere but he will marry Suhani. Her own personal issues can’t affect Ranveer’s happy life. Dadu says Suhani can fight the world for him, he won’t get a partner like her so he should not punish Suhani for Vikrant’s deed. She is not at fault. Suhani says they won’t fall into their trap. Dadu adds they chose this day to create the scene knowingly but it doesn’t mean Suhani and Ranveer won’t get married due to that.

Asha says they can’t change the fact that Ansh is the elder son so he will get married first not Ranveer. Dadu asks Vikrant why he is doing all these? Vikrant says he came here to witness his sons’ weddings then why he is wrong. He says they are making it a big issue for no reason. A palanquin arrives and Asha says her would be daughter in law has come. A girl comes out of the palanquin in bridal get up. She dances excitedly. Ranveer and Suhani get surprised seeing her.

Episode ends

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