Sirf Tum 26th July 2022 Written Update: Rakesh asks Suhani to vent out her frustration on Ranveer

Sirf Tum 26th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani and Aditya reaching the exam hall lately. Suhani apologises to the professor for being late and they sit. Professor asks questions to the students and they can’t give proper answer so he gets angry at them. Suhani gives right answer to him and he likes that. Aditya stares at Suhani and he gets scolded by the professor. Suhani leaves by cab and Aditya notices her with a smiling face. She feels weird. Sudha shaves Rakesh’s beard and Aditya helps him walk like before. Suhani’s family get happy to see that.

Next day Professor teaches the students about human organs and it reminds Suhani of Ranveer. She looks lost and after the class Aditya asks her if something is bothering her. He can understand that and she is free to share everything with him. He will be there to listen to her always. He brings smile on her face.

Suhani comes home with a sad face and Sudha asks her about her result. Suhani says she got the fifth rank and she worked hard but still she couldn’t top the exam. Dadi gets happy saying in this situation too she scored well and that should be appreciated. Rakesh says she will be the topper in next time, he says when he was unable to talk he felt Suhani’s pain so now he wants to know whats going on in her head. Suhani tells him that Ranveer is bothering her everyday. His harsh words, his misbehaviour everything is not letting her move on. She can’t concentrate on her studies due to that reason. She has no idea how to get over him. She cries and Rakesh hugs her. He puts the previous simcard in his phone. Suhani asks him why he is doing it.

Rakesh replies Suhani should vent out her frustration on Ranveer as it’s high time she should not suppress it anymore. Ranveer receives his call and Rakesh says Suhani wants to talk to him, Ranveer replies there’s nothing left to talk. Rakesh says because of him Suhani can’t study properly. She can’t focus on her exams. Ranveer says she is nothing without his help. She topped the exam in Graphic Era because he helped her. Suhani cuts the call saying Ranveer has too much pride that he feels he favoured her. But now she will prove she can be the topper without his help too. She will show him his real place.

Mamta holds Ranveer’s doctor’s coat and gets emotional thinking how he argued with Suhani and left the house. She goes to the temple and complains why Ranveer is destroying his career when he is now a doctor. She vows to not light Diya in front of God until Ranveer comes back home. She goes upstairs but suddenly slips from there. Her back gets hurt and other members come to her. They make her lay on couch. Vikrant says he will call the ambulance but Mamta says she won’t let anyone treat her if Ranveer doesnt come back. Samaira informs Ranveer about it and Mamta also tells Ranveer to take her to the hospital else she will bear the pain and won’t go for treatment.

Suhani gets ready to take lift from Aditya and sits on his bike. Aditya gets happy and asks her to keep hand on his shoulder if she feels scared. Mamta gains conciousness in the hospital and asks her family why they broke her vow and took her to the hospital. She doesn’t want to get better without seeing her son. She wants Ranveer back. Vikrant calms her down saying Ranveer only took her here and now he is talking to the doctor. He opens the door and shows Ranveer to Mamta. Mamta feels relaxed and says it’s good that he came for her. Vikrant says now they will go home with Ranveer.

Episode ends

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