Sirf Tum 28th July 2022 Written Update: Suhani gets into trouble

Sirf Tum 28th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with nurse bringing homemade food for Ranvijay. Suhani takes it from her and Ranvijay says he does what he wants. He tells Suhani to eat the first bite as he feels someone in his house wants to kill him. They might mix poison in his food.

Suhani tells him to eat without throwing tantrums. Ranvijay says he won’t if Suhani doesn’t eat the first bite. Suhani thinks she kept fast for Teej how can she eat. She denies, he finally eats it and then Aditya treats Suhani’s wound saying why is she getting involved in Ranvijay’s matter. Suhani says she wants to treat Ranvijay first, for that she is listening to him by giving him homemade food. Ranvijay’s vitals start dropping and Suhani and Aditya get worried.

They call the doctor and the doctor checks Ranvijay. He says why Suhani gave homemade food to Ranvijay and broke the rules. The food was poisoned and now if anything happens to Ranvijay, his rich father will not spare her. Ranvijay brings a stretcher out and says Suhani took a big risk. Ranvijay’s goons search for Suhani to harm her. Aditya talks to them and gives them wrong direction. Suhani is lying on the stretcher and she hides from the goons. In flashback Dean says Ranvijay’s men won’t leave Suhani now.

 Suhani says she didn’t commit a crime, as she gave the food which was sent by Ranvijay’s family. She had no idea it was poisonous. Dean gets Ranvijay’s father’s call who asks about Suhani to him. After some time Dean warns Suhani to hide somewhere from Ranvijay’s men. As they are finding her. Aditya tells Suhani to lie on the strecher for safety. She does that and leaves with Aditya. Flashback ends. Goons stop Aditya and starts firing. Aditya somehow saves himself. Suhani asks him to leave immediately. 

Suhani recalls how Ranveer saved her everytime she got into trouble. Rakesh gets worried for Suhani as she isn’t back yet. Rakesh says Suhani’s phone is also switched off. Dadi says Suhani is in class so she is not answering. Rakesh goes to check in college. One goon points gun at Aditya and asks him to show the patient’s face at once. Aditya starts acting and says that the dead body’s face is not watchable. The face is totally ruined and they will not be able to see that. There are some rules which everyone has to follow. The goons still forcibly try to see Suhani’s face by removing the cover. Police arrives and Suhani gets up. She tells them that how these goons are trying to attack her. They arrest the goons.

Rakesh recognises Ranvijay’s father Jayvijay and hides from him. Jayvijay gets mad at the hospital staffs that who told a third year student to attend his son. She is still a student not a trained nurse. Jayvijay suspects that Suhani is sent by someone to kill Ranvijay. Aditya comes to protect Suhani from him. Rakesh doesnt get permission to enter the college and he feels if Jayvijay recognises him then he will inform his partner Vikrant and Ranveer will also learn about Suhani’s whereabouts. He can’t let that happen.

Episode ends

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