Sirf Tum 2nd June 2022 Written Update: Ranveer helps Simar and Aarav to get back the Oswal mansion

Sirf Tum 2nd June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani risking her life and Ranveer comes on time to save her. He tells her that how he was blackmailed by Vikrant and he broke the engagement thinking about Mamta’s condition. Suhani finally gets saved and Aarav Simar also meet Suhani’s family. Aarav tells Rakesh that true love can never die and Ranveer’s love for Suhani is eternal. He was just bound to cut ties with Suhani. Ranveer says he can’t wait to take back Suhani to the mansion. They will soon get married. Kamini taunts him saying he should not do hattrick by not coming to the mandap for the third time. Dadi shuts her up.

Ranveer and Suhani go out with Aarav and Simar. Simar looks tensed and Ranveer Suhani ask her to tell the issue. Suhani feels cold and Ranveer asks her to take rest, she says but Aarav and Simar were there in their need then how can she not help them? Simar tells her to not think about them. She needs rest. At a cafe Ranveer asks Simar if they are missing out anything, they should remember. Simar says Badi Ma is very upset already but when she will learn about Oswal mansion’s auction she will get heartbroken. They learn about the goons who took the house papers. Ranveer, Simar and Aarav go to that godown and Simar searches for the papers.

Ranveer and Aarav fight the goons and there Ansh comes in disguise. He burns the house papers and Simar sees the burning papers and gets shocked. She cries and tells Aarav that they lost their last hope. Now they can’t get back the mansion. Ranveer says Dadu has idea about it and they should have another copy of the papers. He calls Dadu and the latter says the same thing. Ranveer tells Simar to remember regarding extra copy. Geetanjali learns about the mansion auction and she gets shocked. she falls sick and is taken to her room. Simar asks her if she can tell about any extra copy of the house papers. Geetanjali takes her husband’s name.

Next day Simar and her whole family enter the Oswal mansion by hiding their faces with big pots. They get questioned for hiding their faces. Simar sneezes in order to divert the attention and therefore somehow they enter the house. Simar and Aarav look for the we extra papers in Geetanjali’s room. There Ranveer comes in disguise of the register and acts well. He checks the papers but he gets caught later. He gets questioned that he is supporting Simar and Aarav and where are they now, Yamini says it means this planning is for stopping the auction of the house. There Simar and Aarav finaly find the papers behind Geetanjali’s husband’s photo.

Reema and Vivaan keep eyes on the real register but the latter runs away when Reema gets into an argument with Vivaan. They try to catch the register but he reaches Oswal mansion. Vivan’s mother asks Vivaan why he stopped the register from coming. She is doing it for his good only. She will gift him even a big mansion. This will be sold. Reema says Oswal mansion belongs to Geetanjali Devi and noone has the right to sell it. Yamini says thats not true. Ranveer says they can’t do anything now. Simar enters with Aarav and gives the papers which proves Geetanjali is the real owner of the house. Geetanjali also comes to the mansion and she thanks Ranveer for his efforts to save the mansion.

Geetanjali order her enemies to leave the house at once without wasting time. Reema closes the door on their faces. Everyone celebrates the moment and Ranveer also joins them with his family. They dance on tukur tukur song. At last Geetanjali thanks Mamta for her and her family’s presence as it’s no less than a blessing for them. Ranveer says bye to Simar and Aarav. Simar specially thanks Ranveer for his help. Ranveer also thanks them for uniting him with Suhani.

Precap- Ansh hires goons to end Suhani and Ranveer’s love story. Ranveer talks romantically with Suhani.

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