Sirf Tum 30th August 2022 Written Update: Ranveer resigns from his job in the hospital

Sirf Tum 30th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranveer coming downstairs with a suitcase and he tells his family that he will go to Suhani’s house alone, they don’t need to accompany him. Mamta stands on her feet and says she can’t wait to see the moment when her son finally will bring back his wife. Suhani tells Aditya that she can’t believe Ranveer will be ready to apologise to her, he doesn’t know how to admit his own mistakes. Aditya says the simple reason is Ranveer still loves her and he doesn’t want to lose her. Suhani says he has ego, Aditya should support his friend not Ranveer.

Aditya replies he will be always in her side and he knows about Ranveer’s temperament too. But Ranveer’s anger towards Aditya shows how much he loves Suhani. Suhani says Ranveer doesn’t respect his wife and she also can’t trust him so they can never be together in future. Ishan comes and tells her that jiju has arrived. Suhani scolds him for calling Ranveer as jiju. Suhani asks Ranveer why he came here after all the drama. She already told him she hates him and will never go back to him. If he took this step four years back, she would have accepted his apology but now it’s over for her. He says he will also clear her doubts today. Now that two families are gathered he makes an announcement. He opens the suitcase and shows Suhani’s belongings to her.

He says she should have left the mansion with her belongings that day just how she returned him his things. He adds he is returning these to her, he cuts all ties with her saying she is not old Suhani anymore. She doesn’t want to live alone, she only lied to him about that as she spends her time with Aditya. He doesn’t want to give false hopes to Mamta that her daughter in law will be back one day. Ranveer says he respects Suhani’s choice, whom she wants to spend her life with so he will not even see her face from now onwards. He even resigned from the hospital. Everyone gets shocked to hear that.

Mamta gets up and asks him what he is saying. Ranveer says he has decided already. He says Suhani is not his intern anymore. He leaves. Suhani seems worried but her family feels relieved knowing Ranveer is not there to trouble Suhani anymore. She can live her life peacefully. Rakesh asks Suhani what happened? to which she says she is feeling bad for the patients who lost a great doctor because of her. Ranveer was the best doctor for the less reputed hospital. Rakesh says maybe some other doctor will replace him. Sudha says Suhani should be happy that she doesn’t have to work with him anymore.

Ranveer tells Mamta that his decision is not wrong, she asks him but why she resigned from his job just for personal reasons. Ranveer says he won’t stop his medical practice. Vikrant says he will talk to the directors of big hospitals for Ranveer’s joining. Ranveer says he will work on his dream project which is to build a hospital on Mamta’s name. He shows the model to Mamta and the latter says her blessings will be with him always. Suhani and Aditya go to the hospital and Dr Dipak says he will assist them instead of Ranveer. Mukesh comes to Suhani and says he is sad for Ranveer’s exit. Suhani says but he used to misbehave with Mukesh then why the latter is upset. Mukesh says Ranveer’s contribution is huge for their needy patients. They can never forget that.

Suhani gives patients list to Dr Dipak whom Ranveer used to attend and the latter goes to check them. Some of the patients are not okay with the doctor’s replacement. They say they won’t allow Dr Dipak to treat them. Suhani and Aditya try to convince them but in vain.

Episode ends

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