Sirf Tum 30th July 2022 Written Update: Suhani proves herself innocent

Sirf Tum 30th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mamta worrying for Suhani and her family. She tells Dadu that Dadi called her and was asking for Ranveer. Surely they are in trouble. Dadu says Samaira’s friends are trying to track the location of the number. Samaira tells them that the number is invalid. Mamta gets Ranveer’s call and he asks her if everything is alright there. Mamta says what Suhani’s dadi told her. She tells Ranveer to find out whats happening with them.

Ranveer says he doesn’t want to hear Suhani’s name. Its over now. Mamta says relations don’t break that easily. Such fights are common between husband and wife but that doesn’t mean Suhani is not his wife anymore. Ranveer says Suhani even tried to kill him, Dadu says he doesn’t think so as Suhani is not such kind of a girl. Mamta tells Ranveer that she is sure Suhani kept fast for Ranveer on Teej. She can never think of hurting Ranveer.

Suhani looks at the moon and sees Ranveer’s photo to break her fast. She eats the chocolate and says now she doesn’t want this present Ranveer to bother her. She loved only that Ranveer who was good. Lady constable calls Suhani and the latter meets the magistrate. Magistrate interrogates Suhani about the poisonous food. Suhani she took permission to give the food to Ranvijay then why would she poison it? Jayvijay and his son are trying to trap her. She also raises her voice against the accusations which are against the doctors. She says doctors save patients with their full efforts but get blamed if a patient dies. This has to be stopped. Magistrate enquires about Ranvijay’s driver Ashok who brought the food and the head nurse who gave it to Suhani.

Suhani again goes near the window and recalls Ranveer’s taunts that she is nothing without him. She says this is not true as she will prove her worth soon without him. She notices Aditya waiting outside and thanks God for sending such a nice person in her life in this unknown city. Rakesh scolds Sudha as Suhani kept fast for Ranveer and she didn’t stop her. Dadi asks the guard to ask the inspector that Suhani ate something or not as she observed a fast. The guard says she is with the honest cop and they don’t need to worry. Rakesh says if that’s true then he wouldn’t have arrested an innocent girl like Suhani.

At the Police station the cop asks the nurse whether she mixed poison in Ranvijay’s food to take revenge of her insult. Suhani says nurses are the backbone of the medical field. He can’t accuse her like that. The cop shuts her up saying he has the right to question people. Ashok comes to police station and threatens Suhani. He says Suhani and the nurse should get arrested. They tried to kill Ranvijay. The cop points gun at him saying he will do an encounter right now and a fake story is ready too. He adds the person who tried to kill Ranvijay told him to kill Ashok. He is about to shoot Ashok and the latter gets scared and reveals he can’t reveal the culprit’s name but he can give this statement that Suhani is innocent.

Ranvijay and Jayvijay get mad at Ashok and Jayvijay asks the cops to cover up the matter else they will get questioned by the media. Aditya comes and tells Jayvijay to sign on a stamp paper stating they are taking back the complaint against Suhani. Suhani further tells Ranvijay to apologise to the nurses. He denies then Suhani says the case will go to court then. Ranvijay apologises to the nurses by getting on his knee. Suhani thinks she will also make Ranveer apologise to her family in this way. Rakesh thanks the police for freeing Suhani and apologises for doubting them. The cop reveals Suhani gave them the idea to prove herself innocent. Suhani told him to arrest her at night so that they can take her to a magistrate’s house and then she can discuss the matter with him

Rakesh feels proud of her and hugs her and Aditya is spellbound knowing Suhani’s act. She thanks him for all the help and he says he needs party for this, he makes her laugh and Sudha says Suhani is laughing after a long time.

Episode ends

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