Sirf Tum 31st August 2022 Written Update: Ranveer donates blood to Suhani’s grandmother

Sirf Tum 31st August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya trying to bring smile on Suhani’s face with his antics. She smiles and he tells her not to be upset. Ranveer takes Mamta to his hospital. Mamta cuts the ribbon for inaugration and Oberois get happy to see that. Mamta imagines that one serious patient visits the hospital and Ranveer treats her along with Suhani. Mamta’s dream ends. She gets upset over the fact that her dream of seeing Ranveer and Suhani working together in the same hospital is not fulfilled. Dadu says God won’t let two lovers stay alone forever.

They will get united one day for sure. Mamta becomes hopeful. Suhani comes back home and sees Rakesh is rubbing Dadi’s hands. Rakesh says Dadi is feeling feverish and she is not even drinking water. Suhani says these are dengue symptoms so they should get Dadi admitted to the hospital as soon as possible.

Aditya says they can take her to their hospital but Suhani says but they can’t wait for one hour, she calls Dr Dipak and asks about any nearby hospital. Dr Dipak says Ranveer has opened his new hospital today but Suhani tells him to recommend some other hospital. She then takes Dadi there with her family. Ranveer treats a patient and checks the paperwork.

Samaira brings lunch for him and says it’s Mamta’s order that he will finish the entire food. She says it must be tough for him to manage the paperwork and treatment both. But she had no idea he is this much famous that already there are many patients in the hospital on the first day. Ranveer tells her to handle the administration work in his hospital after finishing her studies. He tells Mamta on video call that he finished the food and she should now take care of herself. Mamta is about to take Suhani’s name but she then controls herself.

Doctor tells Suhani that Dadi is suffering from Dengue and her platelets are low. She needs blood and they have to find the donor. Dadi’s blood group is also rare that is AB negative. Ishan says Ranveer’s blood is same like Dadi. Rakesh says but he won’t help them so they should contact their friends or NGO people. Aditya says he will forward the message in all medical groups so that they find the donor soon.

Ranveer sees the text in the group and cancels his important meeting to donate the blood without knowing the patient is Suhani’s Dadi. He says patient’s Iife comes first for him. Samaira praises him for that. Suhani prays to God when Aditya says he is not getting any responses yet. Ranveer arrives and asks the receptionist about the old patient. The nurse takes him to Dadi.

Suhani learns from the doctor that they got the donor and they will start the procedure without delay. She goes to meet the donor to thank him but then gets shocked seeing Ranveer’s name on the form. She gets emotional holding Dadi’s hand and the latter tells her to sit for some time. Suhani looks at Ranveer who is giving blood to Dadi at that time. His eyes are closed. She recalls how she said she hates him and cut all ties with him. Ranveer coughs and she tries to give him water but the nurse makes him drink water before her.

Suhani informs Rakesh that it’s Ranveer who donated the blood. Ranveer is about to leave but Suhani’s parents stop him and thank him for his big help. Sudha says they almost lost hope but Ranveer saved Dadi. Ranveer leaves silently but Suhani stops him. She says she respects his choice of not seeing her face again. But he still came here to give blood to her grandmother, she appreciates his kind gesture. He replies he didn’t know that the patient is her Dadi. He got to know about it after coming here. He just fulfilled the duty of a doctor and a donor nothing else.

Episode ends

The episode starts with Ranveer coming downstairs with a suitcase and he tells his family that he will go to Suhani’s house alone, they don’t need to accompany him. Mamta stands on her feet and says she can’t wait to see the moment when her son finally will bring back his wife. Suhani tells Aditya that she can’t believe Ranveer will be ready to apologise to her, he doesn’t know how to admit his own mistakes. Aditya says the simple reason is Ranveer still loves her and he doesn’t want to lose her. Suhani says he has ego, Aditya should support his friend not Ranveer.

Aditya replies he will be always in her side and he knows about Ranveer’s temperament too. But Ranveer’s anger towards Aditya shows how much he loves Suhani. Suhani says Ranveer doesn’t respect his wife and she also can’t trust him so they can never be together in future. Ishan comes and tells her that jiju has arrived. Suhani scolds him for calling Ranveer as jiju. Suhani asks Ranveer why he came here after all the drama. She already told him she hates him and will never go back to him. If he took this step four years back, she would have accepted his apology but now it’s over for her. He says he will also clear her doubts today. Now that two families are gathered he makes an announcement.

He opens the suitcase and shows Suhani’s belongings to her. He says she should have left the mansion with her belongings that day just how she returned him his things. He adds he is returning these to her, he cuts all ties with her saying she is not old Suhani anymore. She doesn’t want to live alone, she only lied to him about that as she spends her time with Aditya. He doesn’t want to give false hopes to Mamta that her daughter in law will be back one day. Ranveer says he respects Suhani’s choice, whom she wants to spend her life with so he will not even see her face from now onwards. He even resigned from the hospital. Everyone gets shocked to hear that.

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