Sirf Tum 31st May 2022 Written Update: Suhani makes a plan to learn the truth from Ranveer

Sirf Tum 31st May 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranveer leaving Suhani’s house and she breaks down to tears. Sudha consoles her. Rakesh says Suhani did the right thing with Ranveer and he left for good. She says she sent him back to just to wait for his return. He will come back to her for sure and will answer her everything. Mamta feels uneasy and Riya takes care of her. Ranveer enters Mamta’s room and Riya asks him why he came back suddenly from training. He says she won’t decide when he will come back?

He scolds Riya for applying dance therapy on Mamta. He says why she didn’t check the patient’s history, it would affect Mamta’s blood pressure and blood circulation. He gave the responsibility of Mamta to Suhani, then why they called Riya here. Riya says Vikrant brought her here, as Shashi is out of station. Ranveer says then she should stay like a guest here, she should not try to become a family member. Else he won’t let her stay here. Riya thinks she hasn’t come here to return back.

Ranveer says thankfully he came back early else Mamta would have fallen sick more. Suhani gets into thinking and Ishan asks her Ranveer will come back or not. Dadi says Ranveer won’t come back as he is really stubborn. Noone can change his mind. Suhani gets an idea and smiles. Ranveer checks Mamta’s BP, and the latter says when he is with her nothing can happen to her. She says she will be the happiest when he will agree to marry someone finally. He asks her to not talk about marriage but she says he only broke his relationship with Suhani then whats the problem.

Vikrant comes and gives phone to Mamta saying Shashi wants to talk to her. Shashi asks about her health and after a small talk he says he is happy to see Riya with them. They should keep her with them forever, he will then retire from work. Ranveer takes the phone and says Mamta needs rest so Shashi can talk to her later. Roshni tells Riya that Ranveer didn’t get angry hearing Shashi’s words it means he doesn’t have problem with marrying Riya. Riya gets delighted. Suhani calls John and Rocky in her house secretly. She asks them to bring inside a heavy thing. Kamini catches Suhani and the latter hides her plan. Kamini asks her if she is planning to run away. Suhani says not at all. Kamini sleeps on the couch and Suhani tells her to bring down a container. Kamini gets engaged in work and Suhani signals Rocky and John to come in with the stuff.

After finishing the work Kamini drinks water and Suhani gets questioned by John and Rocky what will she do with the stuff? She says she has a huge plan to learn the truth from Ranveer. She feels she will succeed this time, or Ranveer will lose her forever. Riya gets ready like Suhani by wearing a saree. She tries to seduce Ranveer and says she is happy to see that he behaves nicely with her father and she will soon become Ranveer’s wife. Ranveer tells her that she needs to consult a brain doctor as despite rejecting her several times she is still behind him. He only loves Suhani and Riya should understand that her love is one sided. He closes the door after getting her out of his room. She gets hurt and leaves crying. He then thinks about Suhani’s challenge.

Next day Ranveer gets Ishan’s call and learns Suhani is in danger and something happened to her. He immediately leaves to see her and there Rakesh cuts the call angrily saying why they told Ranveer about it. Ansh comes with his men to stop Ranveer from going to Suhani, Ranveer says he doesn’t want to fight them right now. He has to reach Suhani. Ansh beats him and makes him fall down from bike. He says at first Ranveer has to apologise to him then only he can leave. Ranveer then recalls Suhani needs help and he pushes away all the men and leaves on the jeep. Ansh gets furious.

Episode ends

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