Sirf Tum 6th June 2022 Written Update: Vikrant’s health deteriorates due to wrong treatment

Sirf Tum 6th June 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ranveer telling the nurse that she will take out his blood of two three bottles. He says he is also a doctor so he knows what is fine. Suhani asks the goons why they didnt take her to a working hospital? Vikrant needs to be treated fast. They refuse to help her and ask her to leave the car. Suhani asks the guard if the the hospital equipments are there in the hospital? She will manage as she is a doctor. Guard says he can’t allow her to get inside the hospital else he will be fired from job. Suhani forcibly breaks the lock and tries to go inside with Vikrant but Guard warns her. Ranveer pushes him away and the latter gets scared.

Suhani and Ranveer start Vikrant’s treatment immediately. They finish his dressing and give him blood. Ranveer says Vikrant is stable now. Suhani asks him where is the ambulance? He says it’s on the way but they need to give injection to Vikrant. Suhani brings that and Ranveer pushes him the injection. Vikrant suddenly struggles to breathe and Ranveer says he is sinking, he gives him shock therapy and says he can’t let anything happen to Vikrant else what he would tell Mamta? Suhani says they didn’t give him wrong treatment then why his condition is deteriorating. She adds they can’t let Vikrant stay here for long. They have to take him to a good hospital.

Ranveer says they can’t wait for the ambulance to come, they will take him there with the help of any transport on the way. Vikrant gets admitted to the hospital and he tells the nurse that he wants to meet his father. The nurse denies saying he doesn’t have the permission right now. Ranveer argues with her and Suhani calms him down saying they should be patient. Mamta blames herself saying she only argued with Vikrant and this happened. Roshni comes and talks ill about Suhani that she is responsible for Vikrant’s condition.

Dadu shuts her up. Ansh comes with Asha and Ranveer holds Ansh by his collar. He tells Asha to leave with her son at once. She requests him to let them stay in the hospital. Doctor comes to talk to Ranveer and says, who gave wrong injection to Vikrant and due to that reason there’s swelling in his brain. He can slip into coma anytime.

Suhani says but she brought the injection but how is it possible that is wrong. Ranveer says they are not that careless. Doctor replies but despite being doctors this was not expected from Suhani or Ranveer. Roshni says it should be investigated that who pushed the wrong injection to Vikrant. Ranveer says that won’t happen, Suhani is not at fault. Roshni says she can’t believe Ranveer is still supporting Suhani.

Doctor asks her in which hospital Vikrant was admitted first. Suhani says it was Shanti hospital. Ansh recalls how he only put the wrong injection there and told the goons to take Suhani to the isolated hospital. Doctor says that hospital kept fake medicines and Police raid happened there. It got banned then how can she take a serious patient to that hospital. Roshni says Vikrant could’ve died because of Suhani. Suhani says maybe it’s her fault.

Ansh also blames Suhani and Ranveer scolds him. Ansh says he has the right to question Suhani as she is his wife. Mamta gets mad at her saying how can she act so carelessly. If anything happens to Vikrant, she won’t spare her. Before Suhani could speak Riya also blames her. Vikram tells Ranveer to find a solution instead of getting into arguments.

Ranveer gets emotional looking at Vikrant. He says he never liked him but now he is feeling bad seeing him in this condition. She says he should pray for his father and Vikrant will get better soon. Ansh decides to visit Shanti hospital to see the wrong injection, Ranveer says Vikram will also accompany him as he doesn’t trust Ansh at all. Roshni says they don’t trust Suhani too, so why is she here still? She should leave. Ansh smirks and leaves.

Episode ends

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