Sirf Tum 7th July 2022 Written Update: Ranveer warns Ansh not to launch the new company

Sirf Tum 7th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vikrant telling Ansh to discuss about his project. Honey says now her husband will prove their real place in the house. Ansh tells about his wine project to the family. Vikrant claps for that and says it’s a great job done by Ansh. Dadu says he never thought of selling alcohol for expanding their business.

Vikrant should not do that either. Vikrant says he knows how to evolve with time and that’s the right way to go ahead. He praises Ansh and Mamta also gets upset hearing all of that. Suhani goes behind Ranveer but the latter says he won’t show his anger till one month as promised. But after one month he will teach lesson to Ansh and Vikrant.

Ansh celebrates the moment by drinking alcohol and says his plan worked now he will take over the business totally. Asha says she feels proud of him. Ansh says soon the brand’s name will be decided too and Suhani or Ranveer can’t stop him. Honey also gets excited. Dadu and Mamta get worried thinking how to stop Ansh from launching the company. Dadu says Ranveer won’t take any step before one month. Only Suhani can do something. They trust her.

Suhani promises Dadu and Mamta that she will save this family’s reputation and Ranveer has to help her in this matter. Suhani passes by Ansh’s room. Asha and Honey focus on their work about the company launch and Honey scares Suhani by making noise. She takes her to room and asks her to give some ideas to decide the brand name. Suhani says she is busy and Asha taunts her. Suhani says they should not put lot of efforts behind this as in the end it will go to waste. She and Ranveer won’t let them launch the company.

Ansh comes and says Suhani didnt let Ranveer take any action then why she thinks she can stop his dream project. Ansh says he has decided the brand name and noone can stop him now. Suhani leaves and Vikrant again calls everyone to make an announcement. He tells Honey to bring some sample of wine before starting the project work. Dadu says their company is going to gutter and he can’t accept that. He is about to break the wine bottle but Vikrant holds his hand. Ranveer then stops Vikrant and breaks all the wine bottles.

Vikrant says he can’t scare him by doing this. Ranveer says he was quite till now as he wanted to become a doctor but now Vikrant wants to ruin their family reputation and disrespecting Dadu which he can’t tolerate. He will stop them from launching the company. Ansh says its a process to grow the business and he can’t stop them. Ranveer threatens to kill him if he launches the company and Suhani holds Ranveer’s hand. Ranveer says he is silent because of her only.

Honey also also Ansh’s hand saying she will destroy all the obstacles. Later Suhani gives tea to Ranveer and says she will give the tea to Vikrant as well. Ranveer asks her why she is adamant and wants to get insulted. She says they live together in a family and such arguments are common but she will fulfil her duties too. She goes to Vikrant’s room to give him tea but Honey is already there. Honey questions her why she came here again. Vikrant says he is warning Suhani again and she should leave his room with the tea else there will be consequences.

Suhani says Honey doesn’t even know how to make tea. Honey takes a gun from the cupboard and holds Suhani at gunpoint. Vikrant gets afraid and tells Honey to give the gun to him. Honey says why Suhani said she cant make tea. She will not spare her. Suhani diverts her mind by saying cockroach and Honey drops the gun. Suhani gives the gun to Vikrant saying he should understand the difference between right and wrong as Honey was about to shoot him. She tells him to drink the special tea which she learned to make from Mamta. Vikrant looks convinced.

Episode ends

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