Sirf Tum 7th September 2022 Written Update: Suhani arranges a lawyer for Ranveer

Sirf Tum 7th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani telling Ranveer that she knows he is not a traitor, whatever the crowd is saying is not true and she had no intention of ruining his career. Ranveer says she is just acting to save him, he won’t get fooled by her. He will give reaction to her in return of her action soon. She says she won’t mind no matter what he says. She will fight for him to prove his innocence. Mr Singh tells her to leave as the agitated crowd might attack her and then they won’t be able to save her. The people start throwing stones at Ranveer and Suhani gets hit by the stones in order to save him. Her family gets worried seeing her in that situation and Sudha says Suhani shouldn’t have made an announcement to save Ranveer on television. Now the angry crowd will trouble her too. She panics and tells Rakesh to stop Suhani from taking the desperate step. He should strictly refrain her from helping Ranveer. Rakesh calms her down saying he is calling Suhani.

Ranveer says whoever is behind the conspiracy he will not leave this chance to destroy him. Suhani can’t prove him innocent easily as this is not a college fight. It’s a serious accusation against him. She says she will do every possible thing to save him, she is stubborn. He sits in the police jeep and leaves. Suhani tells him not to worry. Mamta sits near the temple and prays to God. She says why her son is in this situation today. How would they save him? Dadu says its like a punishment to them to see their son in this problem. They don’t want to lose faith in God. Samaira says she is hoping for a miracle at this time.

Suhani enters and brings a lawyer for Ranveer. She says he will take up Ranveer’s case and Oberois don’t need to take stress now. Dadu says but they can’t pay the lawyer’s fees, their accounts are blocked by the bank. The lawyer says Suhani deposited the half amount of his fees already. He studied the case file and understood it. He will start his paperwork soon. He will give them updates. He sent a notice to the court for the next hearing. Mamta says she needs her son back in house. Suhani offers them some money as they need it. Mamta says they can’t take it from her, she already did so much for them and she is here to help them in this critical situation that’s a big thing. Suhani says if she was in trouble they would have stood by her side without asking for it. So now she wants to help them so they should not deny.

Suhani says she is upset with Ranveer not with his family. She will not let people accuse them. Mamta thanks her for everything and also says sorry for misunderstanding her hearing the news but she proved them wrong. Suhani waits for Aditya on street and stands far from the crowd. She talks to him over call. Mr Singh arrives and asks her what she is doing here? He mockingly says is she trying to help another terrorist? He saw many criminals who have innocent faces like her in his profession. She replies neither she nor Ranveer involved in such anti-india activities. But Ranveer was only trying to save his patient. Mr Singh says its their duty to find out if someone is a traitor or not. She replies she can also accuse him of being a part of terrorist group. As she can remember how Ranveer was trying to save the prime witness Ram Singh but Mr Singh didn’t let him do so. He let Ram Singh die, it means he is supporting a terrorist. Mr Singh tells her not to cross her line. She says she is just telling the fact nothing else. He can also be a team member of that terrorist.

Episode ends

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