Sirf Tum 8th September 2022 Written Update: Mr Singh threatens Suhani to arrest her

Sirf Tum 8th September 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Suhani saying that she can also doubt Mr Singh being a part of terrorist group for not letting Ranveer treat Ram Singh. She is not an investigator but it’s common sense. Mr Singh says she should not cross her line as he can arrest her for her daring act. He calls the another cop to make her wear handcuff. He then stops him and warns Suhani saying she should not test his patience. If she keeps helping a terrorist then her life will be at risk. They will keep eyes on her, what if the agitated crowd attack her some day or she can get killed by the terrorist’s men. Mr Singh says he will tell this story to everyone about her and if they arrest her then she will be hanged to death like Ranveer without any proof or court hearing. He is about to leave but Suhani says she has become more determined now to prove Ranveer’s innocence and thanks to his threat.

Mr Singh gets angry and Aditya stops him. Mr Singh tells him to control Suhani’s actions else their hospital will be ruined by the people one day. Ranveer recalls Suhani’s words in the lock up, how she encouraged him to not lose hope. Mamta and Dadi go to police station to meet Ranveer. The constable stops them but Dadu says he brought the court order to meet Ranveer. Mr Singh says they can’t meet a terrorist whenever they want. They should respect the law. Dadu says they are Ranveer’s family and they won’t leave today without meeting him. Ranveer’s lawyer shows the court order to Mr Singh and the latter allows them to meet Ranveer finally.

Mamta calls Ranveer and the latter says sorry to her as they are facing problem because of him. Mamta says only Suhani came to help them and even arranged a lawyer for Ranveer. She loves his family a lot. Ranveer says he doesn’t need her help and this accusation is not simple but it’s serious. Suhani will land in trouble if she goes against the public and supports him. Mamta says Suhani worries for them more than anyone and they should not doubt her intentions. Ranveer says he won’t repeat that mistake again but he cant forgive himself if anything happens to her. Mamta hopes that Ranveer and Suhani will deal with the situation well.

Rakesh asks Suhani why she wants to make everyone her enemy just to support Ranveer, Sudha says Suhani won’t get involved in all this again. Suhani says when she was falsely accused for giving wrong injection to Vikrant, Ranveer went against everyone to help her and even got ready to marry Riya. So how can she leave him alone in this situation when she knows he is not guilty. Their personal issues are different but she wants to save him for all the doctors who are honest. Sudha says Suhani won’t get into trouble in order to save others. She tries to lock Suhani in room but the latter says she is doing what her mother taught her always. She tells Rakesh if he can see his daughter living her life in fear. Sudha doesn’t pay heed but Rakesh says now Suhani has become responsible and they never taught her to be afraid too. Suhani gets happy hearing that.

Ranveer is taken to different cell and the officers make fun of him. Aditya informs Suhani that he saw a person who ran away seeing him. Sudha tells Suhani not to go to the court as she is always unsafe around Ranveer. Why can’t she understand? Suhani says she just wants to save an innocent person and nothing will go wrong and she believes Matarani will save her from all kind of danger like everytime. They should not worry. Aditya says he will go with Suhani to protect her. She says that’s not needed but he says he will fulfil the duty of a friend. They leave together.

Episode ends

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