Sirf Tum: Ranveer to hold Suhani responsible for his arrest?

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Colors TV show Sirf Tum starrer Vivian Dsena and Eisha Singh will witness a high voltage drama. Recently the show has been shifted to Voot. Ranveer lands in trouble when he tries treat a terrorist to satisfy his ego against Suhani. He gets arrested when the terrorist slips into coma. Will he take revenge from Suhani now?

In previous episode it was seen Suhani reached Mamta hospital while following the terrorist. Ranveer decided to treat Ram Singh by breaking the rules. Suhani got worried for his medical licence. She attempted to stop him, but he adamantly started the operation of the terrorist.

Suhani informed the police to save Ranveer’s career. Cops arrived and tried to enter the OT to arrest Ram Singh. Ranveer pushed them away saying Ram Singh won’t survive for long and they should let him do his job. Cops broke the door and avoided Ranveer’s request saying it’s about national security.

In today’s episode Ranveer gets blamed by the cops for breaking the protocol and they lock him in the room. They decide to shift Ram Singh to a government hospital. Suhani tells them to allow Ranveer to treat him but cops are not ready to do so.

Ram Singh slips into coma and the cops arrest Ranveer for false accusation that he tried to kill their prime witness and therefore he might be a part of a terrorist group. Media calls him as an Anti-Nationalist and Ranveer holds Suhani responsible for his arrest.

Later Suhani feels guilty and Aditya asks her to join a discussion as a panelist in a news channel to talk for the medical association. She tries to defend Ranveer but the other panelists prove him as a traitor of the nation.

Ranveer fumes seeing that and seeks revenge. Oberois’ bank accounts get blocked and the lawyer refuses to fight the case for Ranveer without any fees.

Will Ranveer get arrested?

Will Ranveer and Suhani get united?

all questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

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