Sirf Tum: Suhani to tell Ranveer to leave her house?

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Colors TV new show Sirf Tum starrer Vivian Dsena and Eisha Singh will gear up for an intense drama in upcoming episodes. Ranveer will call off Suhani’s engagement as the latter didn’t give her consent. He will also try to make Rakesh realise his fault but Suhani won’t like Ranveer’s approach towards her father. Ranveer will get disappointed after that. It will be exciting to watch how Suhani and Ranveer’s love story will start.

In previous episode it was seen Suhani got heartbroken but Sudha told her to accept the new phase of her life. Suhani hid her pain from Ranveer when the latter called her. She told him to send the notes in her phone instead of coming to her house. Ranveer felt that she is hiding something from him. Later Suhani was absent in college and Ranveer got worried that why she didn’t come to submit her project. Ansh pushed Ranveer to react aggressively by informing him that Suhani is getting engaged. Vikrant got happy knowing that Suhani will get married to someone else. There Suhani got ready for her engagement ceremony.

In future episodes it will be seen that Ranveer will cancel the engagement and will get mad at the groom and his family. Ranveer will try to open Rakesh’s eyes saying he did wrong by not asking about Suhani’s consent. The groom will leave the house with his family in fear. Later Suhani will ask Ranveer to leave as she can’t hear insulting words for Rakesh. Ranveer will tell her that she is equally at fault for not taking stand for herself. He will leave and Kamini will put the blame on Suhani saying she only planned this to cancel her wedding.

Will Suhani raise her voice from now?

Will Ranveer get upset with Suhani again?

All questions will be answered in upcoming episodes.

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