Sirf Tum Weekly Update: Ansh hires goons to kill Vikrant.

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This week began with Ranveer entering Suhani’s house forcibly and gets beaten by Rakesh. Ansh tries to hit him too but Ranveer warns him. Dadi allows Ranveer to talk to Suhani and she tells Ranveer to accept her as his legal wife else she wont go with him to stay in his house. He leaves as he is helpless. There Ranveer proves Ansh only sent goons behind Nikita and he throws him out of Suhani’s house. Suhani still denies to accompany Ranveer. Suhani challenges him that he will come back to tell her the truth within 24 hours.

Ranveer scolds Riya for not taking care of Mamta properly. He asks her to stay as a guest only. Riya misunderstands that he will marry her as he talked poliety with Shashi. Ranveer shows her the mirror saying he can never love her and she should consult a brain doctor. Suhani plans something different with the help of John and Rocky to learn the truth from Ranveer. Ranveer learns that Suhani is in danger and he tries to reach her. But Ansh attacks him on his way.

Ranveer reaches Suhani and finds her in a glass cabinet. Suhani threatens to end her life if he can’t tell the truth. Ranveer decides to tell Vikrant’s truth to Mamta but Vikrant blackmails him. Mamta overhears that and encourages Ranveer to accept Suhani again. Ranveer saves Suhani and tells her the truth. Rakesh also fogives him. Ranveer shows Suhani their new house. It delights Suhani and she thanks him for such a beautiful house. Ranveer says they both will make it a home and Mamta will make it heaven. Suhani covers her head with dupatta and acts like Ranveer’s wife. She asks him what he would like to eat? Ranveer gives a long list of food items and Suhani says she will die while making these huge amount of dishes. Ranveer shouts at her and asks her not to talk about death again. She nods and smiles. He shows her the other corners of the house, he says their joint efforts will make this a happy place to live in. They will be a perfect family and there will be no arguments. Suhani tells him to call Mamta then.

Mamta gives medicine box to Dadu saying he will take his medicines on time always. He says where is she going and he knows she will look after him always. Mamta gets emotional and and gives him the house keys too. She says she took a lot of time to decide, but now she has no choice but leaving the house. Now she wants to stay with Ranveer only in his new house. Roshni overhears their talk and gets happy. Dadu gets upset and says he knows Vikrant cheated on Mamta but this house belongs to her as well so he will talk to Vikrant about it. Mamta says that will be of no use now. She requests Dadu not to talk to Vikrant about this matter. She asks for Dadu’s blessings and leaves. Roshni says Mamta should not change her decision else she wont be able to get the house keys.

Ranveer punishes John and Raghu in front of Suhani and she laughs. He says this is because they gave glass cabinet to Suhani without thinking. John says they had no idea about Suhani’s plan. Ranveer says they forgot his friendship and supported Suhani to take wrong step. Suhani stops Ranveer saying his friends are innocent as it was her secret plan and she didn’t share anything with them. Ranveer forgives his friends finally. Mamta gets ready to leave with her luggage. Vikrant meets her and tries to brainwash her against Suhani and Rakesh. He says he just wanted to protect Ranveer from Rakesh’s motive who gave his daughter’s responsibility to their son. Suhani just wants to marry Ranveer for money. Vikrant adds he has no plan to divorce Mamta, he admits that he cheated on her but he didn’t allow Asha to get involved in his family matters. He emotionally blackmails Mamta saying if she doesn’t change her mind then he will commit suicide. He smirks and leaves. Mamta gets worried. Asha overhears that and hides seeing Vikrant.

Rakesh and Dadi cut lots of vegetables and help Sudha in cooking. Ranveer and Suhani come to meet them and get surprised seeing their work. Rakesh says its his post retirement plan. He will start tiffin services and Sudha will make delicious food for many and will make them happy. Ranveer says he will promote his tiffin services in college among medical students. He tells Dadi that he will also cut the veggies. Dadi says he belongs to a rich family, it won’t suit him. He says if someone loves to eat, they should know cooking too, and its not written that a rich guy can’t cook. Later Suhani leaves with Ranveer saying they have lot of pending work to do. They will pick Mamta and then they will set up the house.

Roshni comes to Mamta’s room and says she should accompany Ranveer as Suhani is cunning, she won’t let Ranveer meet his family members. Someone should stay close to Ranveer and check upon him all the time. Otherwise Suhani will fully control him. She helps Mamta in packing the luggage. Riya comes and tells Roshni that why she is talking in favour of Ranveer and Suhani’s relationship. Roshni says she is sending Mamta to check on Ranveer only to separate him from Suhani. Riya calls Shashi and asks him why he is wasting time as Ranveer is leaving the mansion with Suhani and Mamta. Shashi tells her to relax.

Ansh offers money to some goons in front of Shashi. Goons assure him that they will do his work within one hour. Asha calls Ansh and informs him about Mamta leaving the house. Ansh says he planned something big which will give all rights to Asha and she will be the owner of the Oberoi Mansion soon. Suhani goes with Ranveer on his bike and he tells her to hold him as now she has the licence to do it. Suhani feels shy and keeps hand on his shoulder.

Suhani asks Ranveer to stop near a ice cream shop, she tells him to bring two cups and she teases him by stopping him again and again. He goes to buy and Suhani gets Vikrant’s call. Vikrant warns her saying she will not manipulate his wife and son else he will destroy her whole family. Suhani says her love for Ranveer is beyond all these threats. Noone can separate her and Ranveer. He badmouths her and asks how much she needs from him. She says he can’t buy her love with money and why couldn’t he stop Ranveer and Mamta with his money. Vikrant cuts the call in anger and starts driving.

Ranveer and Suhani enjoy eating the ice cream and they leave. Mamta asks God she is in a tough spot. Whether she choose her husband or her son. She doesn’t know. Ansh calls his goon and tells him to execute the plan properly. He sends him the target’s photo. Ranveer and Suhani pass by a tempo which Ansh’s goon is driving. Ansh’s goons try to hit Vikrant’s car and the latter hits his car on a tree while saving himself. He gets injured and Mamta sees the Diya is faltering and it blows off suddenly. She senses a danger and asks God what wrong thing will happen? She tries to light the Diya.

Ansh’s goon calls Suhani as a stranger and informs her from Vikrant’s phone that Vikrant met with an accident. Suhani tells Ranveer to go to Vikrant. Ranveer checks his pulse and says he is sinking in they have to take action fast. Suhani says they need to stabilize him. Ansh’s goon offer them help saying they will drop them to the nearby hospital. Suhani sits with Vikrant in car. Vikrant doesn’t leave Ranveer’s hands but the latter assures him that Suhani will take care of him better than his son. Ranveer goes to arrange an ambulance and first aid for Vikrant. Suhani asks those goons to drive fast as Vikrant lost too much blood.

Mamta calls Ranveer continuously to ask him to come back and he informs her that Vikrant met with an accident. Mamta drops the matches and her saree catches fire. She drops the phone too and Dadu extinguishes the fire while she looks numb. The goons drive slowly and Suhani gets angry. She asks them to bring alcohol from a shop and she ties a cloth around Vikrant’s forehead after applying alcohol on the wound. She says it will stop the bleeding. They take her to a closed hospital and she asks them why did they waste her time when Vikrant needs immediate treatment.

In future episodes Vikrant’s heartbeat will drop and Ranveer will give him shock therapy.

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