Sirf Tum Weekly Update: Suhani accepts Ranveer’s proposal.

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This week began with Suhani getting restless for Ranveer. Dean tells her not to risk her life. Ranveer comes out with the muffler after the fire brigade extinguished the fire. He loses consciousness and is taken to ICU. Suhani prays for him and gets emotional. She sees the muffler and tells Ranveer to wake up. She expresses her real emotions that what Ranveer means to her. Ranveer holds her hand and looks at her after regaining consciousness. Mamta and Riya witness them in that situation.

Ranveer asks Suhani is she surprised seeing him alive. Riya sees both of them and leaves upset. Mamta enters and says Thank God Ranveer is fine. Ranveer asks her not to cry as he is not dead. Mamta tells him not to utter such things. Doctor comes and says prayers saved Ranveer and he will keep him under observation for one night. Mamta thanks Suhani for putting all the efforts to save Ranveer. Mamta adds she noticed how Suhani was worried for him and whatever she did and told about him. She is about to bless Suhani but then recalls Vikrant’s words that Riya will be their daughter in law only. She stops and then Suhani leaves. Mamta scolds Ranveer for taking risk all the time and someday she will die out of panic because of him. Ranveer requests her to not scold him today as he felt that he is alive after so long. He want to wear that smile Suhani gave him.

Riya cries while running and bumps into Vikrant. Vikrant asks her what happened and how is Ranveer, to which she says Ranveer is fine as Suhani is taking good care of him. She says Suhani accepted Ranveer’s proposal so there is no hope left for her. She can’t get married to Ranveer now. Vikrant consoles her saying he will make things right. He goes to meet Ranveer. Ansh stops Riya and tells her what she has to do now. Ranveer talks to his family through video call. Dadu says he gives them shocks on a daily basis by his actions. Samaira and Vikram also scold Ranveer for always risking his life. Ranveer says he is fine and he is a doctor so he can look after himself. Ranveer then tells Mamta to go back home as Suhani is here to take care of him. Mamta says she won’t leave him alone. Suhani enters to give Ranveer a radio sent by John and Raghu. Suhani stops talking seeing Mamta. Vikrant enters and Ranveer says he is not in the mood to meet anyone now, specially those who piss him off. Vikrant feels insulted and Mamta goes to talk to him. Ranveer tells Suhani to give him water.

Vikrant leaves after closing the door. Mamta goes after him and he says she is a failure as a mother and she failed to control her son that’s why Ranveer forgot his limits. He cant even meet his son and that Suhani is with Ranveer. Mamta says Suhani saved Ranveer. Vikrant taunts Mamta and leaves angrily. Suhani checks Ranveer’s vitals and Ranveer asks her to go home else Rakesh will get angry. Suhani says she will check the vitals then will leave. She makes excuses to stay with Ranveer. She keeps the medicines on the desk, she can’t find the BP readings and Ranveer teases her by taking off the finger clip. He tells her that after her confession he feels like she came closer to him. Suhani diverts the topic and she sees the bottle is filled with water already so now she can leave. She tells him to take the medication on time. She asks him how he will spend the time here alone without company. Ranveer points at the radio. Suhani is about to leave but Ranveer asks her to take her phone. She smiles at him and later she fails to open the door and Ranveer says she is giving excuse again. Ranveer gets up to help her but the door is locked. Suhani and Ranveer try to contact John and Raghu but there’s no network. Ranveer goes to press the bell to call the on duty nurse but the bell is dead too. Suhani gets worried and he says he doesn’t want anymore drama today. Suhani and Ranveer get afraid thinking now noone can save them from Rakesh’s anger.

Riya reaches Suhani’s house and Dadi opens the door. Riya meets Rakesh and he tells her that Suhani is in college why she didn’t meet her there. Riya says Suhani is not in the college, Infact she came here to tell him about Suhani only. Sudha asks Riya what does she want to tell Rakesh. Riya asks Rakesh does he know about Ranveer and Suhani’s relationship? Everyone gets shocked hearing that.

Riya instigates Rakesh against Suhani saying she is taking advantage of his trust, Ranveer and Suhani proposed each other already and they are having an affair. Rakesh tells her to leave as he trusts his daughter the most. He learns about Ranveer’s health and supports Suhani for taking care of Ranveer. There Ranveer tries to unlock the door with Suhani’s hairpin. John and Raghu finally return. Suhani tells them to look after Ranveer and she leaves. Suhani gets to know from Rakesh what Riya did. Afterwards she feels sorry for breaking her father’s trust as she loves Ranveer now.

Ranveer gives notes to Suhani and John Raghu push him to plan a surprise for her. Ansh calls Rakesh to come to college to disclose Suhani and Ranveer’s romance. Suhani gets impressed seeing Ranveer’s romantic surprise. Ranveer’s romantic words melt Suhani’s heart but she feels sad as she doesn’t want to break her father’s trust. Ranveer assures her that they both will talk to Rakesh about their relationship and they are doing nothing wrong. Rakesh catches Suhani romancing with Ranveer and he tries to slap Suhani in anger. Ranveer stops him.

Ranveer tries to talk to Rakesh but the latter leaves with Suhani in anger. Ranveer confronts Ansh as he feels Ansh called Rakesh to come to college on valentines day. Rakesh lashes out at Suhani for breaking his trust by dating Ranveer. Suhani cries and later Sudha and Dadi support her saying Ranveer is the best life partner for her. There Ranveer meets Suhani at late night in her room and they get caught by Kamini. Rakesh tries to throw him out but Ranveer won’t leave.

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