Siya Ke Ram 13th April 2020 Written Update: Ram meets Kaushalya

Siya Ke Ram 13th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Sita says she too will accompany Kushadhwaja for war. Sunaina asks why? Sita says she will treat their injured soldiers and she can treat King Sudhanwa’s injured soldiers too. Janak says Kushadhwaja will try to stop the war first, still, war happens then his concentrate will be on her safety instead of war, so she can’t go with him and asks her to let him go alone. Sita agrees with him and Kushadhwaja goes for war. Manthara says Kaikeyi is the queen so she should behave like a queen.

Kaikeyi says Manthara is not a mother so she can’t understand her feelings. Manthara says Kaikeyi should not cross the limit while expressing the love she has for her sons because she is a queen and says when they will come she will inform her about their arrival and asks her to sit in one place. Kaikeyi says Manthara is so cunning and says after so many years she is going to meet her sons so she is not gonna listen Manthara and was about to go outside, but Manthara stops her asking didn’t Kaikeyi listened what she told?

Kaikeyi asks who is queen here and who is dasi and asks Manthara to stay in her limits. Manthara says Kaikeyi behaving like dasi and she doesn’t have a personality like her mother. Kaikeyi says she doesn’t wants to be like her mother.

Ram meets Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi cries saying she saw him last time when he was so small. Ram wipes her tears and says she still looks beautiful and takes her blessings. Kaikeyi blesses him and hugs him. Manthara murmurs that in ayodhya no one respects her, she was good in kekeya. Kaikeyi asks Ram about Bharat. Ram says Bharat is afraid to come in front of her. Kaikeyi shocks listening him and asks why? Ram calls Bharat.

Manthara and Kaikeyi smiles seeing Bharat. Kaikeyi asks Bharat that why he is afraid to come in front of her, says Ram never hesitate to meet anyone then why he can’t behave like Ram. Bharat takes blessings from her. Lakshman and Shatrughan comes there. Kaikeyi meets them happily and says she is so happy to see all of them. Ram takes blessings from Manthara.

Manthara says she is just a dasi so why he is taking her blessings. Ram smiles at her. Kaikeyi says Manthara is not like other dasi’s that’s why. Manthara asks then why he threw the stone at her in his childhood. Ram apologize to her for that incident. Manthara says he need not to apologize now but she won’t forgive him if he did that again. Kaikeyi asks did they met Kaushalya?

Ram says no. Kaikeyi asks them to meet Kaushalya saying she is waiting for them from long time. Ram and his brothers leaves from there. Manthara says Kaikeyi loves Ram lot that’s not mean she will compare Bharat with Ram always. She says when Kaikeyi compared Bharat with Ram, Bharat’s face became so dull.

Sita says she doesn’t able to go with Kushadhwaja because she is child and says don’t know who is treating the injured soldiers. Mandavi and Shrutakirti cries because in war Kushadhwaja may get hurt. Sita consoles them saying nothing will happen to Kushadhwaja. Mandavi asks how Sita is so sure about it? Sita says she is praying to mahadev for Kushadhwaja that’s why. Mandavi asks does mahadev listens Sita’s prayer? Sita says mahadev listens everyone’s prayers.

Ram and his brothers meets Kaushalya. Kaushalya ignores Ram saying he met everyone before her and asks still anyone left? Ram says he didn’t wanted to meet her last but Bharat, Lakshman and Shatrughan have to meet Sumitra and Kaikeyi. He says Kaushalya only taught him to think about others first and says he thought she will be happy. Kaushalya hugs him and cries. She meets Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughan. She says Bharat is so silent just like her in four brothers and hugs him. Ram teasingly asks does that mean she doesn’t love him?

Episode ends.