Siya Ke Ram 17th April 2020 Written Update: Mandavi and Shrutakirti go missing

Siya Ke Ram 17th April 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Ram meets Dasharatha. Dasharatha asks he wants to talk anything? Ram says he gets to know about his sister Shanta. Dasharatha disappoints with Kaushalya for telling the truth to Ram. Ram says he only forced Kaushalya to tell the truth and says even though it’s late but he is happy to know about Shanta’s sacrifice from Kaushalya. Dasharatha says Ram may think that his father is so bad. Ram says he doesn’t think like that, if anyone does mistake knowingly then that’s wrong but here he too sacrificed Shanta like Shanta sacrificed everything. Dasharatha says Ram have big heart and says from the time Kaushalya made Shanta’s idol he is in guilt, that he didn’t stopped Shanta that day instead he thought of his kingdom’s future because they need a king after him. He says he failed as a father that day, just behaved like a king and he lost Kaushalya and Shanta because of that. Ram says Shanta’s separation, separated Kaushalya and Dasharatha so if Kaushalya meets Shanta then the gab between Kaushalya and Dasharatha will vanish. Ram says he believes that this meeting will change Dasharatha’s life for sure, says he is excited to meet Shanta with Kaushalya and his brothers. Dasharatha hugs Ram and gives permission to meet Shanta. He says if possible ask her to forgive him.

Manthara informs Kaikeyi that Ram going to meet Shanta with Kaushalya. Kaikeyi shocks knowing that Ram knows about Shanta. Manthara says Dasharatha gave permission to meet Shanta and says if Kaushalya meets Shanta then it’s not good for Kaikeyi. Sumitra asks Kaushalya to not cry now because while meeting Shanta, she needs happy tears. Kaushalya smiles at that. Sumitra says it’s been years that she saw her smiling like this. Kaikeyi comes there and says she is so happy to know that Ram is reason of this happiness. Manthara hears that and scolds Kaikeyi for her stupidity in mind. Kaikeyi says she too wants to go with Kaushalya but she and Sumitra has to stay in palace in Kaushalya’s absence. She asks Kaushalya to bring Shanta to stay in palace for few days. Ram comes there with his brothers. Kaikeyi says she doesn’t have words to praise Ram. And they leaves from there to meet Shanta.

In mithila, Mandavi and Shrutakirti plans something. Shrutakirti calls everyone. Mandavi acts like her stomach is paining so much. Shrutakirti says nothing should happen with Mandavi. Mandavi says she is going to die. Chandrabhaga asks her to not speak like this. Sunaina says nothing will happen to Mandavi, Doctor will come soon. Mandavi says she doesn’t have much time and asks them to fulfil her last wishes. Shrutakirti asks who will take care of Mandavi in sankasya? Mandavi says she can’t even move out from palace and here Shrutakirti talking about sankasya. Chandrabhaga gets to know about her daughters plan, says they will go to sankasya for sure, she wants to see Kushadhwaja as king and it’s her final decision and leaves from there angrily.

Ram reaches the place where Shanta staying with her husband. Sita tells Urmila that they should not show their sadness to Mandavi and Shrutakirti instead they should send them with happiness. They are leaving from this place not from their heart. Chandrabhaga comes there and asks about Mandavi and Shrutakirti and says they are not in the palace. She asks is this their another plan? Sita says she doesn’t know anything. Janak says if Sita knows the truth then she won’t lie. Chandrabhaga gets worried thinking about her daughters.

Episode ends.

Precap – Kaushalya asks will Shanta forgive them? Shanta says she won’t forgive anyone. Sita and Urmila searches Mandavi and Shrutakirti in forest.