Siya Ke Ram 1st May 2020 Written Update: Ram’s birthday celebration

Siya Ke Ram 1st May 2020 Written Update on

8 Years leap

Episode begins with Dasharatha says today is most important and special day for him because in this day only Ram came to this world to gave him all the happiness. He asks Kaushalya about Ram? Ram comes there and takes blessing from Guru Vashishtar. Ram worships Lord Vishnu on his birthday.

Guru Vashishtar says it’s time for Ram to take his responsibilities and blesses him. Ram takes blessing from Dasharatha. Dasharatha says his happiness, his victory everything is Ram only. Kaushalya says on his every birthday she doesn’t understands what to say to bless him. She says God will be with him forever and will bless him. She says he is first son of their family, loves his family members and asks him to be a bridge between their family members.

Sumitra says Ram should continue the selfless love he is showering on others. Ram takes blessing from Kaikeyi. Kaikeyi blesses him to have eternal success. Dasharatha says Ram is Kaikeyi’s favorite son and she doesn’t have any other blessing for him? Ram says he knows Kaikeyi’s heart and she knows his love for her and words are not enough to express their bond. He asks Kaikeyi is he right?

Kaikeyi nods at him with teary eyes. Laxman comes there and says he was waiting for him and asks him to bless him. Ram hugs him. Laxman says he learnt everything from Ram and says his only prayer is four brothers should stay together always. Ram says he is lucky to have Laxman as his brother. Sumitra smiles listening him.

Ram says he would have been more happy if Bharat and Shatrughan also able to participate in this celebration. He says it’s been years that they left ayodhya and says Bharat is the one who gets excited a lot on his birthday. Laxman says he knows that and they will be celebrating this day in kekeya for sure. Dasharatha says he arranged many things to celebrate this day and asks Ram to accompany him. Ram says he wants to meet their kingdom people first. Dasharatha says all the priest and business people are here only.

Ram says there is one more set of people exists in their kingdom who is normal people, who never gets chance to enter palace and he wants to break that bridge today by meeting them. He says they are also celebrating his birthday and waiting to get a glimpse of him so he wants to meet them. He asks Dasharatha to give permission to meet them.

Dasharatha says he never went against Ram’s wish so he can go there for sure and asks him to keep in mind that he is also waiting for him. Ram leaves from there with Laxman. Mareech and Subahu attacks and imprison sages, who were going to Vishwamitra’s ashram.

Episode ends.

Precap – Ram celebrates his birthday with his kingdom’s people. One sage comes there and informs Ram about Mareech and Subahu’s attack and asks him to save them.