Siya Ke Ram 20th April 2020 Written Update: Janak’s decision shocks Chandrabhaga

Siya Ke Ram 20th April 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sita and Urmila searches Mandavi and Shrutakirti in forest. They sees one deer there and follows that. Bharat shows one place saying Santha will be there. Kaushalya asks what will she tell to Shanta and how will she face her and sits there saying she doesn’t have the guts to meet her. Ram and his brothers moves forward. Shanta comes to them and asks what they wants? Ram and his brothers gets emotional seeing their sister. Ram says he wants water for his mother and points towards Kaushalya. Shanta gets water and moves towards Kaushalya and shocks seeing her mother there. Both cries hugging each other. Kaushalya says on yugna day she thought Shanta forgot everyone from her family because she didn’t even looked up once to see them. Shanta says if she would looked them then it would have been more difficult for her to control and it will make her family more guilty and she doesn’t want that to happen that’s why she avoided them didn’t forget anyone. Kaushalya asks how is she now? Shanta says she is fine and her husband taking care of her very well and respects her. She asks about Dasharatha? Kaushalya says he doesn’t have the guts to face her and asks will she forgive everyone? Shanta says she won’t because she never find them wrong. She says it was her decision then why she will blame them? She says as a daughter she did whatever she could do for her parents and she gets happy knowing that four boys are her brothers.

That deer takes Sita and Urmila to Mandavi and Shrutakirti. They gets happy seeing them. Sita asks why they did this, what if something happened to them? Mandavi says they requested to Chandrabhaga but she didn’t listen them that’s why they run away from the palace. Shrutakirti says they can’t stay away from Sita and won’t leave mithila. Sita says she can understand them but their this behavior isn’t solution for the problem and takes them to palace. She says they will request their parents again if they didn’t listen then, they will respect their decision. Shanta identifies Bharat correctly and he takes blessings from her. He asks how she gets to know that he is Bharat? She says his features are like Kaikeyi and he is beautiful like her. She says she knew that he does painting and she will give him few unique colours. Then she identifies Laxman and says he does lot of charity like Sumitra. She says she even knows that he teases Bharat lot and he gets angry easily. And then she meets Shatrughan and hugs him. She praises Ram and hugs him. Kaushalya says because of Ram’s effort only she is here now. Shanta asks her brothers to promise that whatever issue may come but they won’t let her sacrifice go wasted, they should keep their parents happy that’s what she wants from them. Kaushalya asks Shanta to introduce them to her husband. Shanta says he is in meditation and they can’t meet him now. Bharat asks will she send them without giving any food too? Shanta says he can’t even able to walk because she is gonna feed him that much food.

Janak praises Kushadhwaja and says tomorrow he have to leave for sankasya. He says just Chandrabhaga and Kushadhwaja going tomorrow Mandavi and Shrutakirti gonna live in mithila only. Chandrabhaga shocks listening him. Four sisters gets happy and Janak and Sunaina smiles seeing their happiness.

Episode ends.