Siya Ke Ram 21st April 2020 Written Update: Sita questions Janak

Siya Ke Ram 21st April 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Kushadhwaja says he will miss his daughters for sure but nothing else matters for him than his daughters happiness, how can he stay happy seeing them sad. Sita and her sisters hugs Kushadhwaja. Sunaina says she can understand that it’s difficult for Chandrabhaga but for their daughters happiness this is the best decision and asks her to think about their daughters. Chandrabhaga smiles half heartedly. Janak asks now they can stay together but what will happen when they have to separate after their marriage? Sita says their love for each won’t let them separate. Janak blesses them.

Kaushalya says she is so happy after spending time with Shanta. Shanta says her happiness matters the most. Kaushalya was about to give her necklace to Shanta as a blessing but Shanta stops her saying she can’t take that and hugs her. Shanta says they are staying in her heart and she will pray for their happiness everyday. Kaushalya asks her to visit ayodhya once after getting permission from her husband.

Shanta says she will. She asks Kaushalya to support Dasharatha and says whatever happened is for good. She asks her to inform him that she is happy here and he need not to apologize to her. She says she knows how much Dasharatha love her, he need not to feel guilty for her, he should stay happy knowing her happiness. Kaushalya leaves from there with her sons after bidding bye to Shanta. Ram smiles seeing happiness on Kaushalya and Shanta’s face.

In mithila, Sita and her sisters comes to Janak to listen their bed time story. Everyone suggest what type of story they want to listen. Janak tells raghu clan story and about Dasharatha and his four sons. Janak and Sita smiles seeing others sleeping.

In ayodhya Kaikeyi was keep talking with Dasharatha about their moments. Dasharatha asks why his sons didn’t reached still? He smiles seeing them and leaves from there ignoring her. Kaikeyi recalls Manthara’s words. She thinks first time Dasharatha ignored her then what Manthara told is true? She gets angry and snatches her necklace in anger. She says she is thinking wrong , Dasharatha is excited to know about Shanta and he didn’t ate anything from last 3days so after knowing about Shanta he will come to her. Sumitra welcomes Kaushalya and her 4 sons. Kaushalya says Shanta is so happy there. Sumitra gets happy listening that.

Kaushalya asks about Dasharatha and says she wants to meet him. Sumitra says he was worried and didn’t ate anything too. Kaushalya says she will make food for him. Sumitra says she will help her and both leaves from there. Bharat says he is so happy seeing Kaushalya’s happiness. Ram says yes in her happiness she even forget them. Laxman asks now what to do? Ram says they have to meet Dasharatha.

In mithila, Janak asks what punishment should be given to Sudhanwa? Public asks him to give death as punishment. Kushadhwaja says if they wanted to kill him then he would have done that in war only but they doesn’t wants to kill him. Janak says Kushadhwaja is right, killing someone is against mithila’s rules and regulations and gives other punishment to Sudhanwa for the trouble his people faced because of him. Sita comes to Janak. Janak asks did he gave wrong punishment? Sita says she just have one doubt. Janak asks her to tell. Sita asks he really have rights on mithila because few days back he told her that no one is king. Janak shocks listening her.

Episode ends.