Karrle Tu Bhi Mohabbat 21st April 2020 Written Update: Ved realizes his feelings for Tipsy

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The episode starts with Divya informs Aryan that Karan is not talking with Zoya. Aryan says no-one can support Karan like Zoya, Karan always takes stupid decision because he is impulsive, Zoya is his safety check but now he is alone. Divya says what if Zoya suspect me. Aryan says this case is not possible without your help, you uploaded it from Zoya laptop and now Karan believes Zoya is helping Sanam behind him so he suggest Divya to stay near Karan and asks her about Tipsy equation with Karan.

Romila calls Tipsy and informs her about Karan’s manager Divya intentions are not good. Later Tipsy notices Divya with Karan and looks at her in suspicious. Karan asks her where are you leaving. Tipsy says charity and meets her mom and Vishal, Sherry. Tipsy Amma says I feel happy that you reconsile with Karan. Later Sherry asks you did everything for Piya protection right. Tipsy says yes and I never tried to spoil Karan image in Amma eyes. Sherry says  she invited Ved for family dinner. Ved comes to dinner. Amma praises Karan and asks Ved about to him. Tipsy says sorry Ved for dragging you everywhere. Ved says I’m here because I’m missing you. Tipsy looks on.

Karan calls Tipsy and questions her you’re still with charity case right, come back soon but Tipsy cuts the call saying busy. Ved thinks Tipsy always chooses me, than what am i waiting, I must tell her about my feelings. Ved says Tipsy I want to tell you something but their convo gets interrupted by Mr Khan a sudden entry. Piya hugs him happily and he mingles with everyone, Karan anounces he gonna take everyone fjr ice cream treat. Sherry denies to come with them. Ved gives medicines to Amma and she asks him to join. At ice cream parlor Ved asks Karan that why he feels jealous seeing Tipsy with someone when he hates her. Karan says he needs Tipsy for clear his case.

Ved says it’s not solution to your problem. Karan says what’s your point. Ved says you made it revenge on Tipsy, Tipsy is happy with me when you’re away. Karan says what you saw in Tipsy. Ved says their is nothing between us but 5years back you left her, in these 5years I didn’t go after Tipsy but now I will go after her and will prove that it’s your mistake to leave her. Once your case is over Tipsy will leave you and I will never let her go from me and he leaves.

Karan makes Piya sleep in his room, you refused DNA test because you don’t want to get back to me. Tipsy stays silent and thinks hope Ved didn’t reveal that Piya is Karan daughter.

Karan smiles seeing Piya with Tipsy but he trips because of drunken state. Tipsy sends Piya inside and scolds Karan for Coming Infront of Piya in drunken state. Karan says he reveals that sometimes I feel let Piya be my daughter and why everyone feel that I did mistake. Tipsy says maybe they listens to me unlike you. Karan says how he can’t live without her and can’t forgive her for betrayal she did to him and he promised her that he won’t drink until they stays with them.

Next morning Piya questions Papa why you never celebrated Mt birthday. Karan says I will. Piya sleeps hugging him. Tipsy makes Piya ready and Karan drops her at school.

Tipsy meets Ved and asks him to help her to save Karan and informs him about Romila suspicion. Ved asks why. Tipsy says I don’t want Piya to stay near him and he thinks I love you. Ved asks do you love me. Tipsy says I will love you once you get me out of it. Doctor collects Piya samples at school.

Zoya handovers office to Karan and mocks him for believing accusations and leaving her and Tipsy. Amma informs belated birthday party of Piya arranged by Karan. Tipsy questions Karan for what’s is the need of party. Karan says it’s Piya idea. Later they celebrate the party.

Ved meets Romila and she informs about her suspicion on Aryan, Sanam, Divya. Aryan gets frustrated with positive articles of Karan.

At hotel Karan asks Trisha to stay with him not at hotel. Trisha mocks him and says her wedding is just to regain his image. Karan asks her about Jai. Trisha informs about him.

Tipsy says I don’t know how to handle Piya with Karan, I feel I miss it up. Ved says we can clear it and informs her that Romila photographs are not enough bro solve the case. Tipsy says its big thing that Divya is meeting Aryan behind Karan. Ved says I will meet Sanam and I will clear it. Both hugs in a friendly manner. Ved meets Sanam and she asks him about his relationship with Karan’s wife. Ved says it’s none of your business. Sanam says Tipsy supported Karan and people are posting nasty comments about me, it’s better if I might hire a better lawyer. Ved says you can’t but you have to tell me the complete truth because I love Tipsy and will send Karan behind bars. Sanam looks on.