Siya Ke Ram 22nd April 2020 Written Update: Kaushalya apologize to Dasharatha

Siya Ke Ram 22nd April 2020 Written Update on

The Episode begins with Janak says when he is not the owner of any place then how can he order Sudhanwa to handle some places, and asks Sudhanwa to go back to sankasya and live there as a normal person. Sita smiles listening him and hugs him. In ayodhya, Kaushalya says Dasharatha likes sweet dish and she is gonna make that for him, he used to love her hand made dish.

Sumitra asks her to start making and she will inform that to Dasharatha. Ram and his brothers meets Dasharatha. Dasharatha asks did Ram met Shanta, what she told? Ram says he met her and she is happy there and Kaushalya will explain him in details. Dasharatha asks where is Kaushalya? Ram says she went to make his favorite dish. Dasharatha smiles listening him. Sumitra comes there and takes Dasharatha with her and asks him to eat and says there is special dish also waiting for him.

Kaushalya comes there with her hand made dish. Sumitra leaves from there. Kaushalya asks will he eat her hand made dish? Dasharatha asks did Shanta told anything about him, did she forgive him? Kaushalya tells him whatever Shanta told and says Shanta is happy there but not happy with the sufferings he is going through, she knows he loves her and he need not to feel guilty for anything.

Dasharatha asks Kaushalya that did she forgive him? Kaushalya says till now she only showed her hatred to him because she thought he is not sad with Shanta’s separation but she was wrong, she just thought about herself forgot to think about him and apologize to him for her irresponsible behavior.

Dasharatha says both apologized to each other and now nothing can separate them and says everything happened because of Ram. Kaushalya says Ram is Shanta’s gift to them and hugs him. Dasharatha asks her to serve food.

Manthara fights with Washerman and insults him. Ram comes there and asks did he forget him and says how he helped him to get the fruit from tree when he was so small. Washerman asks Ram still remember that? Ram hugs him. Manthara sees that. Ram thinks he have to thank someone else too.

In mithila, Shatananda was crying. Sita asks is he crying thinking about his mother? He says injustice happened with his mother. She asks is he angry on his father? He says kids can’t be angry with their parents and he is sad. He says there is no way to free his mother from the curse. Sita says there is one solution.

In ayodhya, Kaikeyi asks Sumitra about Kaushalya. Sumitra says she is with Dasharatha and serving her hand made dish. Kaikeyi asks is it true? Sumitra says she never saw Kaushalya this happy and says everything happened because of Ram. Kaikeyi asks will Dasharatha forget them now?

Sumitra says she is happy with that too and leaves from there. Dasharatha and Kaushalya feed each other. Kaikeyi sees that and cries.

Episode ends.