Siya Ke Ram 23rd April 2020 Written Update: Dasharatha spends time with Kaushalya

Siya Ke Ram 23rd April 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sita says  Shatananda’s mother can be free from her curse. She says his father knows his did wrong by cursing her so he told the solution to free her from that curse. Shatananda asks how she know all this? Sita says when Janak and his father was talking about this she heared them.

Shatananda gets happy and thanks her for telling this good news. He says Sita always cares about others, she is such pure soul till she is in mithila nothing will happen to them. Sita says Kushadhwaja is not in mithila now who will save mithila now. Shatananda says Sita will save.

In ayodhya, Ram and his brothers come to meet Jabali. Jabali gets surprised seeing all of them in his place. Ram says they came to thank him and says because of his advice only he talked with his parents now everything is fine. Jabali says the way Ram choosed to go has lot of troubles but he is sure that Ram will handle it.

Manthara tells Kaikeyi about Ram hugging the Washerman. Kaikeyi doesn’t listen her instead she was thinking about Dasharatha and Kaushalya. She says she wants to get ready to meet Dasharatha. Manthara says today will become unforgettable day in her life.

Kaikeyi says when she met Dasharatha first time that is the unforgettable day for her. Manthara asks doesn’t she wants to go to kekeya? Kaikeyi says the place where Dasharatha lives is heaven for her and she was expecting someone from kekeya. Manthara says her letter would have reached her father.

Ashwapati says the horse Yuddhajit riding is special one in kekeya. Yuddhajit says he is taking this horse to ayodhya and Bharat will draw this horse. Ashwapati says why everyone remembers about Bharat’s painting skill, instead of fighting skills it’s really shame. Yuddhajit says Bharat is still young.

Ashwapati asks Yuddhajit to bring Bharat to kekeya, he will teach him everything. Yuddhajit says because of Dasharatha only Bharat is like this. Ashwapati says if he got the curse like Dasharatha then he too would have behaved like that only and would not even Yuddhajit go outside palace. Ashwapati asks him to tell Dasharatha about his promise. Yuddhajit says Dasharatha will fulfill his promise and Kaikeyi is his favorite wife too.

Manthara praises Kaikeyi’s beauty and says she already sent a servant to call Dasharatha and leaves from there. Kaikeyi says she have lot to talk with Dasharatha. Servant comes there and says Dasharatha asked her to take rest, he can’t come today. Kaikeyi thinks she knows where Dasharatha will be now and cries.

Dasharatha asks Kaushalya to tell again. Kaushalya says she already told many times and he is behaving like their kids who used to asks her to tell story in their childhood. Both laughs. Kaikeyi goes to Ram’s room. Ram asks what is bothering her? He says if we are sad then we should talk with the person because of whom we are sad then we will get every answer. Kaikeyi hugs him.

Episode ends.