Siya Ke Ram 24th April 2020 Written Update: Sita decides to save Janak from Parashuram

Siya Ke Ram 24th April 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Manthara tells Kaikeyi that how can Dasharatha ignore her like this that too for Kaushalya. Kaikeyi asks her to stop and says Kaushalya is Dasharatha’s first wife and after many years they are together now. Manthara says just because now he is in good terms with Kaushalya that’s mean he can ignore Kaikeyi and he will send a message through Servant and asks how can he forget that Kaikeyi is his favorite wife. She says everything happening because of Ram now Kaikeyi also going to live like Kaushalya just alone. She says Kaikeyi should stop caring about Ram.

Kaikeyi shouts at Manthara and says she can talk whatever she wants about her but not a single word against Ram. She says she felt ignored when Dasharatha didn’t came but she has belief on her love, he didn’t hurt her intentionally and says till now Kaushalya faced every night like this and Manthara can’t understand love because she never loved anyone.

Manthara says she didn’t adviced for her well being instead she told all for Kaikeyi and she came to ayodhya also for her only. Kaikeyi says she didn’t forced her to stay here and she can go back instead filling her mind with venom. She says Manthara is just cunning and she doesn’t wants her help. She says her brother is coming and asking her to go back to kekeya with him and not come in front of her.

Parashuram comes to mithila. Sita was playing with her sisters and they notices the sudden change in weather. They gets to know that Parashuram coming to their palace and it’s not good for Janak. They gets worried thinking what will happen to Janak who will save him because Kushadhwaja also not here to save Janak. Sita recalls Shatananda’s words and says she knows the solution for this problem.

Yuddhajit comes to ayodhya and meets Dasharatha. Dasharatha says he liked all the horses sended by Ashwapati. Yuddhajit reminds him about the promise he gave to his father. Dasharatha says he don’t remember like he promised anything to Ashwapati. He says now Yuddhajit can go to meet Kaikeyi and leaves from there. Kaikeyi teaches sword fighting to her sons.

Sumitra praises Kaikeyi’s skill and Kaushalya says only Kaikeyi can teach sword fighting to their sons. Kaikeyi gets impressed with Ram’s skills and praises him. Bharat says he is tired and wants to take rest. Kaikeyi says now she is not his mother and asks him to continue. Yuddhajit comes there, Bharat tries to go to him but Kaikeyi stops him. Bharat says he got excited seeing Yuddhajit. Sumitra says they have to prepare special food for Yuddhajit.

Ram and his brothers takes blessing from Yuddhajit. Ram asks about his health. Yuddhajit says he is fine.Kaikeyi says Ram is best in everything. Yuddhajit tells Kaikeyi that Dasharatha denying his promise. Kaikeyi says it’s not possible and asks about which promise he is talking about. Yuddhajit says while marrying Kaikeyi, Dasharatha promised something to Ashwapati.

In mithila, Janak gets to know about Parashuram and decides to welcome him in his city. He asks Sunaina to start the preparation to welcome Parashuram. Parashuram comes to the palace and meets Janak. Sita picks up the shiva dhanush to protect Janak from Parashuram.

Janak takes blessing from Parashuram. Parashuram says Janak doesn’t looks like a king, there is no king exists like him, and praises him saying every king should be like Janak. He says he came to see the shiva dhanush once. Sita tells Parashuram that she won’t let anything happen to Janak.

Episode ends.