Siya Ke Ram 28th April 2020 Written Update: Bharat and Shatrughan leave for kekeya

Siya Ke Ram 28th April 2020 Written Update on

Episode begins with Sumitra recalls Kaikeyi and Dasharatha’s fight and thinks what she should do now, she should tell anyone about this or not? She decides to not tell this to anyone and feels Kaikeyi and Dasharatha also should not reveal this secret to anyone because it’s not good for anyone. Kaikeyi meets Yuddhajit.

Yuddhajit says he can understand why she is sad. He says Dasharatha insulted her and Ashwapati and he can’t tolerate that. He asks her to handover Bharat to him, Bharat staying here is not good for him now. He says he will make him as a warrior and will teach every skills that no one can deny to make him as next king of ayodhya. Kaikeyi says Ram also her son but till Bharat stays in Ram’s shadow Bharat can’t beat Ram so Yuddhajit can take Bharat with him.

In mithila, Sita gets surprised that Gargi knows, she is going to learn at Maharishi yagnawalkya’s gurukul. She asks how Gargi knows about this? Gargi says everyone in mithila talking about this only and praises Janak. Sita says when first time she saw her she wanted to become like her and live like her. Gargi asks Sita why she is here now? Sita asks Gargi to become a tutor at Maharishi yagnawalkya’s gurukul. She asks will Gargi accept her request.

In ayodhya, Bharat says he won’t go anywhere. Laxman says Bharat should accept the reality then it will be easy for him. He teases Bharat saying he won’t be alone there because horses will be there to accompany him. Shatrughan asks why Laxman teasing Bharat? Laxman says he is not teasing instead telling the truth. Bharat says he will live in ayodhya only and it’s his decision and goes from there.

Bharat tells Kaushalya that he doesn’t want to go to kekeya. She asks why he is sad with this decision of Kaikeyi. He says he already stayed away from his mothers for years, now again he can’t stay away from them. He says he have to stay away from his brothers too. She says she can understand him. He says she can but Kaikeyi isn’t understanding him. She says Kaikeyi’s decision will be good for him. He says she is also supporting Kaikeyi and goes from there. Bharat comes to Dasharatha and tells about Kaikeyi’s decision.

Dasharatha shocks listening him. Bharat says he doesn’t want to go to kekeya and asks him to stop Kaikeyi. Dasharatha tells Kaikeyi that Bharat won’t go anywhere and says she is trying to separate his son from him. Kaikeyi says he is not giving the rights to her son and her decision is final.

Bharat hides in some place and thinks he won’t go anywhere. Ram comes there. Bharat asks how Ram knows that he is here and says Kaikeyi punishing him and asks what mistake he did? Ram says Kaikeyi too won’t stay happy without him but there should be some strong reason for her decision and it will be good for him only.

He asks him to accept Kaikeyi’s decision. Bharat says he will miss Ram. Ram says he will miss him too. Bharat says he have to live alone there. Sumitra asks Laxman or Shatrughan to accompany Bharat. She says one should go with Bharat. Laxman says he will go.

Shatrughan says Laxman can’t stay away from Ram even for a second too so he will go with Bharat. Sumitra asks Shatrughan to start the preparation to leave. Kaushalya comes there and praises Sumitra for her kindness and sacrifice. Bharat and Shatrughan leaves from ayodhya after bidding bye to everyone.

Episode ends.