Siya ke Ram 2nd April 2020 Written Update: Dasharatha feels proud on Ram

Siya ke Ram 2nd April 2020 Written Update on

Today’s episode starts with, Ram performing his test very well and Dasharatha is impressed by his ability, he feels proud by seeing Ram. Later Ram and his brothers feel happy after they see Dasharatha, they want to meet him but Ram stops them and say, we should take his blessings first and then everyone salutes Dasharatha with folded hands.

Afterward, Sunaina and her sister-in-law looking for Sita and her sisters, while girls are enjoying and playing and teasing their mothers, Sunaina asks about Sita from them, they took Sunaina to Sita, Sita is making a statue of Miti. Sunaina asks her to let’s go from here, It’s time for lunch. Sita asks her about her statue which she makes with her own hands, Sunaina says, it’s beautiful. Sita then runs from there and tells her mother that she will first meet her father and then have food.

On the other hand Ram and his brothers play with Dhanush their aim get to the right point, later Vashistha give them another Dhanush and asks them to hit the aim.  No one is able to hit on the right target while on the other hand Ram first understands the bow and then hits, and his target goes to the right place. Dasharatha feels proud on Ram, while Vashistha tells him that Ram is just like you. Dasharatha denies it and says, he is better than me.

Ahead Janak and his brother are talking about some work. After a while, someone came and tells Janak that Yogini Shulbha wants to meet you. Janak then went to meet her, Sulbha says, I have a question for you. I have heard that you are satisfied with only daughters. But for a king, it is necessary to have a son because he carries his lineage forward. Janak says, my daughter is cable for this, while Sita came and asks her father about the statue, Janak says, you made it very well, Sunaina also comes behind Sita.

And says to Janaka that you please tell Sita that she should clean dust from her body. Janak then suggests Sita to listens to your mother’s words, Sita then nods her head in yes. Sita then takes Shulba’s blessing before leaving. Shulba then asks Janak to give Sita some teaching classes as this is very important for girls also. Janak has agreed with her thoughts and asks her brother to arrange it. On the other hand, Ram and his brothers go to meet their father.