Sky is red for Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai couple KAIRA!

Happy times ahead in the life of KAIRA. Further, in the show fans will see Kartik and Naira’s remarriage!

Kartik and Naira reunited after Vedika walks out from the duos life. In the story so far, while playing hide and seek; Kartik confesses his love for Naira. Vedika overhears the duos talk and gets teary thinking about her future. Naira tells to Kartik that they are doing wrong with Vedika. She refuses to accept Kartik’s love. Vedika comes to Naira and explains to her that Kartik only belongs to her and none can separate the duo.

Afterwards, seeing Kartik’s love for Naira, Vedika decides to give divorce to Kartik and free him. Kartik fails to confess his feelings for Naira in front of the family but Vedika opens the topic and tells the family about KAIRA love. She asks Kartik to sign the divorce papers and leave the house.

Ahead, Goenka’s and Singhania’s decides to get Kartik and Naira marry again. Kaira feels restless hearing about their remarriage. But Kaira fans are excited for all the upcoming episodes. Treat on the way for the fans as finally the couple reunited and marriage on the cards too.

Pre-wedding celebrations will begin in the show and soon KAIRA ‘s romance will gear up too. Kartik and Naira’s upcoming sequence will be filled with lots of romance.The duos romance will make you to fall for the couple more. Don’t miss watching Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata for more twists and turns.

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