Sneha Wagh: Sreesanth should win Bigg Boss

Actor Sneha Wagh is a big fan of Bigg Boss and has been following the ongoing season closely. The actor feels that the celebrity who deserves to win Bigg Boss is former cricketer Sreesanth. “Bigg Boss 12 was a little cold in the beginning but we were all intrigued with Sreesanth. We were a little curious about him and his personality and the way he plays the game. He has become a very strong contestant,” she says.

She adds, “I think Sreesanth should win Bigg Boss because he is the only one who is not fake. Everybody else was very calculative and are playing a very calculative game. Sreesanth is not doing that, he is just being himself and being very natural. The way he reacts to everything is very real. I guess he is the only real person and he has that winning potential. I guess Bigg Boss will be the turning point in his life.”

The actor is also a big fan of superstar host Salman Khan. “Salman Khan was the only reason we started watching Bigg Boss initially. My whole family waits for Bigg Boss and they love what he does on weekends,” she says.