Sonakshi rescues Rohit in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum!

Next in Star Plus Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum Rohit asks lift from Sonakshi and duo will get stuck at check post.

In the episodes, Sumit as Kunal makes Sonakshi uncomfortable while performing the scene. Sona ask Sumit to back-off. She says it will not go fine if he comes inch closer to her. Sumit murmurs in Sona’s ear and says she has done much stubbornness now he will show her. He starts getting closer to her.

Sona yells at Sumit and hit him. She shouts Sumit is trying to touch her inappropriately. Sumit says that was scene demand and he was performing. He says he want to bring originality in the scene for the audiences to connect. Sona gets pissed-off and slaps him. Furious Sumit made Sona to recall her past. Sonakshi cries and leaves the place.

Otherside, Rohit recalls a flashback of his first surgery and gets teary. Someone slaps him at OT and the girl says never show your face again.

Rohit and Sonakshi both go at the same place to distress themselves. Sona hears someone is calling out for help. She follows the voice and gets socked seeing Rohit hanging on the railing. She asks Rohit what he is doing there. Rohit sarcastically says he is doing picnic. He asks for the help. Dog barks. Rohit says Dog is hanging with him. Sona gets worried for the Dog and asks for the help.

Now in the upcoming episode, will see Sonakshi will recuse Rohit.

Sonakshi will rescue Rohit but Rohit will not appreciate her gesture. Later, Sonakshi will panic on seeing some police at the check post.

Otherside, An infuriated Sumit decides to take revenge and teach Sonakshi a lesson. For this purpose, he decides to gift her the watch he found on the set.

What next happens in Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum will be interesting to watch.

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