Sony SAB’s Prime Time Shake-Up: Pashmina Takes Center Stage with Double Airings

By Gossips TV| In a strategic move to captivate its audience, Sony SAB is set to redefine its prime time slots, offering viewers a double dose of entertainment with the popular show “Pashmina” airing twice a day from the upcoming week.

The channel has decided to bid farewell to the repeat telecasts of “Maddam Sir,” making room for the enchanting tale of “Pashmina” at both 7:30pm and 10:30pm. This bold decision seems to be a calculated effort by Sony SAB to breathe new life into the 10:30pm slot, potentially paving the way for the much-anticipated show “Aangan.”


While there’s no official confirmation, speculations are rife that “Aangan” might take over the coveted 8pm slot, leading to a domino effect in the programming schedule. One scenario suggests that “Vanshaj” could find a new home in the 10:30pm slot, creating a ripple effect across the evening lineup.

Intriguingly, reports hint at a possible demand from the makers of “Aangan” for a prime-time slot, which could prompt the rescheduling of “Dhruv Tara” to the 7pm slot. This potential shift not only adds a layer of excitement but also underscores Sony SAB’s commitment to offering diverse and engaging content to its viewers.

The buzz surrounding these changes has sparked curiosity among avid television enthusiasts, eagerly anticipating the official word from Sony SAB. As the channel strategically maneuvers its programming chessboard, fans are left on the edge of their seats, wondering how this game of time slots will unfold.

The decision to air “Pashmina” twice a day reflects the channel’s confidence in the show’s popularity and its determination to cater to the diverse viewing habits of its audience. This move aligns with Sony SAB’s continuous efforts to evolve and adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of the television landscape.

As viewers brace themselves for the impending changes, one thing is certain – Sony SAB is gearing up for a refreshing transformation in its prime time lineup. The speculation and anticipation surrounding the fate of shows like “Aangan,” “Vanshaj,” and “Dhruv Tara” only add to the excitement, leaving audiences eagerly awaiting the official announcement from Sony SAB. The channel’s bold move to shake up its programming is undoubtedly a bold step toward keeping viewers engaged and entertained in the evolving world of television.