Sony TV programming change: Dosti Anokhi to go off air and Mose Chhal Kiye Jaye to have time slot change!

By Anil Merani| Sony fiction has never worked, and this unfortunate situation continues with both their new shows, Mose Chhal Kiye Jaye and Dosti Anokhi, following a similar pattern.

Even the other show Kamnaa starring Chandani Sharma and Abishekh Rawat has not clicked on TRP.

In the situation comes the news that Sony might be pulling the plug on Dosti Anokhi and changing the Mose Chhal Kiye Jaye time slot from June.

While there is no confirmation about Dosti starring Rajendra Gupta and Sushmita Mukherjee going off-air, we can confirm that Mose Chal headlining Vijayendra Kumeria and Vidhi Pandya will shift to 9.30 pm from 13th June. Interestingly 9.30 pm is when Dosti Anokhi comes on the air. So it either goes off-air or gets a time slot change that seems dicey given its 0.2 ratings and no known stars.

Upcoming mytho Yashomati Ka Nandlala( Neha Sargam) will take over Mose’s 9 pm slot.

Ritu Chauhan, who plays Vijayendra’s sister Kashish in Mose, confirmed the time slot shift.

As per sources, Kamnaa is safe for at least six weeks, and the channel seems to have some confidence in the story.

Apart from Yashomita, Sony will also have Apnapan starring Cezanne Khan and Rajshree Thakur premiere in May end or early June, so one more show will need to be either axed or the time slot changed.

Sushmitaji, while having no idea about Dosti going off-air, did concede that her show was always a limited series. 

Mose getting a time slot lifeline also does not mean that it is entirely out of the woods, for with KBC returning sometime in Aug, there will be a significant churn in Sony programming code. KBC always comes in the prime time between 9 pm-10.30 pm or 9/30 -11 pm, so two or three slots will be up for grabs.

PS: Rajendra Gupta has just now confirmed that Dosti Anokhi is going off air on 10th June.