Soulmate ( Udaariyaan serial track)| Chapter : 10

Scene begins in Tejo heart breaks hearing everyone supports Fate there and no one supporting her. Neither they questioned her Is she loved him nor she accepted these blames? She thinks that no one has the dare to question her whether Fateh saying truth or not? She notices everyone left from there leaving her in hall alone. Tejo cries hiding her face in her kneel.

Fateh removes all the decorations from his room and breaks the things in anger. Family members hears the sound and rushes near him. Even Tejo runs to there in fear. His mom goes near him and tries to console him he breaks down in front of her. His father too feels sad for him and leaves from there. His mom’s pain turns anger on Tejo. She too starts believe that her son is saying the truth. She walks faster to Tejo and slaps her in anger. Tejo stares her holding her cheek. She gets tears in her eyes. She complaints to Tejo that she made her son ended up in this state. Because of her selfish love her son is suffering like this. Tejo hearts are breaking badly because everyone in this house turns to blind in anger.

Tejo feels pity on them for not having a broad mind to think who is right and wrong? She stares Fateh in disgusting way for the first time. His mom vent out her anger on Tejo and blames her for everything and leaves. Fateh notices her near door he pulls her inside and closes the door with huge sound. When he pushes her she falls on the broken Peirce and her hands get hurt because of it. He didn’t notice the bleeding hand of her and holds her hand in angry giving more pain to her. He questions her why did she done like this? He doubts she done something to Jasmin in order to marry him. He asks to her Is she kidnapped Jasmin or killed her for her one side love? Hearing this she gets angry and slaps him in anger.

Fateh gets shock to see it. How dare she to slap him? He about to raise his hand on her she holds his hand and says to him he is thinking like a fool. He is blind because of his lost love. She asks him to go and find Jasmin he will get a answer from her. Stop questioning her and hurting her like this for his foolishness thoughts. She shouts to him that she never loved him he is not the one she is loving. She is hating him to the core. Just then she comes out of her thoughts. She just realized that she dreamt this all. Fateh is keep venting out his anger on her. Tejo blames herself for controlling her emotions and hiding the truth for her dad’s sake.

Screen froze

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