Soulmate| (Udaariyaan serial track): Chapter : 13

Scene begins in Fateh gets conscious and looks around to find him sleeping in balcony. He holds his head in handover he curses himself for drinking a lot. He reminds how did he ended up here? He fists his hand in angry thinking about Tejo’s yesterday’s behaviour. He notices her getting ready beautifully. He rushes to her and holds her chin tighter and questions her how dare she to lock him outside when he was in out of mind? Tejo pushed his hand away and says to him he was right he was out of his mind that’s why she pushed him outside. He demands her to explain him. Tejo suppressed her feelings with her and leaves from there taking her bag while glaring him. Fateh thinks that today is the last day Tejo gonna be happy. She gonna cry everyday for messing up with him and entered into his life forceful. Wait for an birthday surprise Tejo he smirks at her.

Tejo waiting in temple for someone in the hope to meet that person. Time is passing her hope is also fade away. Tejo stares the god statue and says she trusted her a lot but she always giving pain to get why? Why is she punishing her always for others mistakes? Doesn’t she deserved happiness in her life? She leaves from there without noticing the flower falls down from idol. Tejo reaches to home disappointed to see the house is decorated beautifully there. Tejo wonders what’s going on there? Simar comes there and takes Tejo inside happily. Her family members and Fatejo’s family members are there. She has no idea what’s going on there?

There is happy birthday to Tejo written there. Tejo notices it all without emotions. Kushbeer says to her that Fateh arranges this all for her happiness. Tejo can’t able to believe this all she stares him whom already watching him from far. He is behaving strange today and pretends like he care for her a lot. He forcefully takes her near the cake and make her cut it and feeds her forcefully. He says to all that he gonna gift something special to his wife. It’s really special one. Tejo won’t expect this from him at all. He gives one notice to her and demands her to read it.

Tejo reads the notice with tears its divorce papers.

Screen froze

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