Soulmate ( Udaariyaan serial track)| Chapter : 19

Scene begins in Jasmin hugs Fateh and says to him we are getting married soon. Fateh is not happy with the news at all. He is angry on Tejo for insulting him in front of all and he don’t wanna marry Jasmin on same day when Tejo and Anghad getting married. He separates Jasmin from him and tells her he don’t wanna marry her on that day. Jasmin tells him don’t take anything to his heart. Whatever he done to Tejo is nothing compared to it. Its our mistake we misunderstood her and came to an decision she was fault without enquiring to her. She somehow convinces him and says let’s get married then our life will only fill with happiness. Fateh nods with her. Anghad calls to her mom and informs everything to her. She feels happy to learn the good news. She asks Rupy to preform their marriage well her blessings will be with them always.

Kushbeer brings the priest to home and asks him to take one auspicious day to perform both jodi’s marriage. He checks both couples horoscope. He is not satisfied with Jasmin and Fateh horoscope and alerts them that their future will be a question mark because their stars are not matching at all. Tejo consoles Jasmin. Fateh dislikes it and says he don’t need his suggestion just choose one date for his marriage. Kushbeer thinks he is always beginning like this not giving heed to rituals and traditions. Kushbeer asks him to check Tejo and Anghad horoscope. He says to them that both will lead a happy life they will face many hurdles in future but their love for each other will never break them apart and solve all problems together. Fateh hates to hear it all. He says to them coming Friday is auspicious day to perform the marriage.

Days passed soon Haldi day arrives. Virk family applies Haldi to Anghad and Fateh in place and sends the remaining haldi to bride house. Girls are teasing Tejo and Jasmin there using their would be name. Jasmin sends her photo to Fateh with haldi. Fateh receives the photo and smiles. He zoom the photo and notices Tejo is in side she is looking so beautiful and happy in that picture. Somewhere her happiness making him angry he don’t know how to name his feelings. After all problems gets solved also he is not fully happy. Neither he is not celebrating his love returns nor he getting happy for the long awaited marriage. Jasmin scolds him for not praising her beauty. Meanwhile Fateh hears Anghad talking with someone laughing loudly. He hears Tejo’s laughing sound from another side because phone is on speaker. Anghad and Tejo are talking with each other romantically. Anghad pleading with Tejo to mention Love you to him she is blushing in opposite. Fateh gets angry to see them and leaves from there angrily.

Screen froze

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