Soulmate| Udaariyaan serial track| Chapter : 5

Scene begins in Fateh gets shock to learn that his family went to fix his alliance in Rupy’s house. He has no idea about Jamin’s parents. He collects the address from Mayi and goes to her house. In Tejo house all are convincing Tejo to accept this alliance but she asks time to them. Rupy tells her that Jasmin is also there she is in her marriage age too. If she gets good alliance she also wanna get married and go to Canada as she wished. If Tejo don’t get marry now then she won’t get good future too. Tejo asks them to give some time to her at least to think. She dials to someone but she gets disappointed when she don’t get any response back. Fateh reaches to that place and wishes to stop his family just then he noticed Jasmin photo there. His happiness having no bounds to find her picture there. Virk family invites Fateh inside and introduces him to Rupy and Satti. Nimmo teases Fateh for reaching to the spot on correct time and adds that he is so eager to marry her. Everyone laughs at him. Rupy says to them that he talked with his daughter actually she needs time to think about this marriage. She wishes to focus on her carrier that’s why. Kushbeer says it’s an good quality they won’t stop her from doing her work. Fateh thinks that Jasmin unaware his family came here to ask her hand for him.

Tejo is restless thinking about her parents stare she is continuously rejecting the marriage proposal for her selfishness and not thinking about her sister. She feels guilty for it. Tejo comes near window and notices Fateh there. She gets shock to find him as a groom. She reminds their fights and arguments with each other. She thinks why did he here? She hears him saying he is in love with his daughter he will definitely make her happy and never let her shed tears. Tejo never expected this from him. She doubts when did he fall in love with her? It’s so confusing to her. Rupy agrees to him he will give his daughter hands to him. Tejo gets shock to hear it. Just then jasmin reaches to there.

Jasmin gets shock to see virk family there. Fateh waves his hand to her happily. She stares him nervously. Rupy notices this and introduces her to Virk family. They says to him already they knew her she came to attend Simar marriage function along with Tejo. Rupy says to them after Tejo marriage with Fateh he wanna search a groom for jasmin. Her dream is to marry a person whom working in Canada. Virk family assures to him he will find a person for her meanwhile Jasmin and Fateh gets shock to hear the news. Jasmin leaves from there crying thinking Fateh gonna marry Tejo leaving her. Fateh shouts Jasmin to stop. Fateh questions his dad what’s going on here? He says to them clearly that he don’t wanna marry Tejo reasoning He loves Jasmin. Everyone gets shock to hear it including Tejo. Rupy questions Virk family what’s it all? Kushbeer asks him to wait he will enquire to Fateh what’s going on? Fateh says to him that he loves Jasmin not Tejo. Both decided to get married he wishes to open this matter to him but he got happy to see him asking Rupy’s daughter hand for him. But he never thought its Tejo. Kushbeer has no words to say. He says to Fateh that they liked Tejo a lot that’s why they wishes to perform their marriage even Buzzo saw them together. Fateh clears to them that he only like jasmin not Tejo. Fateh asks Rupy to give permission to his marriage with Jasmin.

Rupy lashes out at them for playing with his daughters life.

Screen froze

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