Spoiler Alert: Tujhse Hai Raabta

Zee Tv’s evening slot show “Tujhse he raabta” is going to witness a new twist in the tale in upcoming days. The current plot of the show is revolving around a high voltage drama and now the story is going to take n another interesting turn following some revelation and confrontation.

In the upcoming track of the show, Kalyani will go on to find Sampada and will engage a sniffer dog for the same. An inside source tells us that, “Kalayni will set her mind to find out Sampada. With the help of a sniffer dog, she will somehow manage to reach the hideout of Atharva. After a lot of effort, she will eventually break the door and peep in”. The real twist is that she will discover Sampada tied up there with rope in a semiconscious state.

Will she able to rescue Sampada? How will Atharva reactance he came to know about Kalyani being in the hideout? To know more about the upcoming plot tune in Zee TV.