Spoiler! Saumya to lose her job, Harman learns shocking truth in Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki

High Voltage twists and turns ahead in Colors TV Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki.

Tashan war between Harman Saumya is continuously growing with each passing day. Haman still hopes that Saumya will calm down and will return to him. But Saumya gets adamant to close all the doors for Harman that reaches her.

She decides to move on in her life and takes a caretaker job. There, at her workplace Vedant acts rude with her and has hatred for Kinners too. Saumya is equally stubborn this makes Vedant furious more.

Otherside, Harman dreams of Saumya falling-off from the cliff and worries for her. He goes to meet her. Later, Saumya calls Harman and asks him not to disturb her peace and leave her. Harman too gives her back and hang up the call.

Meanwhile, Vedant attempts suicide, his father reveals a shocking past to Saumya, and she decides to give him surprise.

In the upcoming sequence will see, Saumya will plan a surprise for Vedant to cheer him up.

Saumya will decorate his room with his mother’s stuff. Other servants will ask her what she is doing, Saumya will ask them to wait and watch.

Saumya will bring Vedant to his room and he will go mad at Saumya for touching his stuffs related to his mother. He will destroy the decoration and will fire Saumya from her job. He will ask her not to come back again and leave the house. Later, Harman will come to know that Saumya is Vedant’s caretaker.

What Saumya will do next, do she will fight back or will go and find another job. Well, we all know Saumya will not give up easily and will surely find the way to get back her job. It will be interesting to watch what will happen when Vedant too will fall for Saumya and there, Harman will still try to bring her back.

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