#SpoilersAlert :- Jai will continue his search for Aadhya…

Colors Popular show Internet Wala Love is gaining popularity with every passing day and for Loyal viewers of the show we bring you spoilers of upcoming episode to be aired on 15th January.

We will see that After fighting with Aadhya , Jai goes to a bar and starts a brawl. Meanwhile, Aadhya makes plans to go to Mumbai so that she will be far away from Jai.

Unaware of this, Jai will keep searching for Aadhya everywhere. Jai will continue his search for Aadhya. Post the search, he will also decide to go to Mumbai.

On the other hand, Aadhya will be in Mumbai and would join the Mumbai office and start a new life..

Wait and keep watching the show for upcoming twists.